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Kim Iversen Interview – The Dissolving COVID Agenda & It’s Technocratic Backbone

Joining me today Kim Iversen, here to discuss our evolving perspectives of COVID-19 and the willfully ignorant nature of the current mainstream discussion — around all things COVID-19 specifically — and how it’s not only counter to the scientific data, but seems to perfectly align with long-standing agendas, such as the creation of “immunity passports”. 


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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

11 Replies to “Kim Iversen Interview – The Dissolving COVID Agenda & It’s Technocratic Backbone

  1. No offense to this interviewee, but I find her equivocating about the excess deaths in the beginning of the video to be disingenuous and not very valuable. Is it true that Italy reduced the actual C19 death count to under 5k? Does not the CDC not state that only 5% of the C19 deaths are actually C19 only? The tests are total fraud based on the fact that the assay panels are testing for a “Contrived” genome. Meaning the tests are not testing for whatever CoV2 may or may not be. ALL other C19 data hysteria is false based on that fraud. The tests were purposely designed to conflate the pandemic which did not actually exist. All influenza like illnesses and numerous other betacoronaviruses were picked up by the test. Generally, all excess mortality was caused by all of the C19 countermeasures and changing of the rules of cause of death attribution which was specifically amended in response to the “pandemic” to buttress the narrative. Do the math 5% = the very same level of mortality of every flu season. People died from the same things they always died of exacerbated by the lockdowns. Now that we have the gene therapies masquerading as vaccines, well now we really have excess mortality. Perhaps, by design. . .

    1. Barney, I agree with you. The PCR is not a diagnostic test and certainly should not be labeled as the gold standard.

      Kim is approaching covid-19 as if it is a really infectious disease. However, covid-19 is just the name that was given to a collection of symptoms that is supposedly caused by a virus that is being called SARS CoV 2. The virus exists on paper or on the computer. China claimed to have sent a copy of the genome to the US. But, it also claimed that it did not isolate the virus. Coronaviruses have existed for decades. They really are quite common.

    2. No offense to you, but you DO realize who Kim Iverson is, right? She is, currently, the most intelligent and trustworthy journo/analyst on the scene and has been defending truth, integrity and rationality from the legion of media propagandists for quite a while now in regards to all manner of issues and topics, not just COVID. She’s pretty indispensable. Don’t be nit-picky. How about the other 99% of this interview?

      1. Well no, I had never heard of this giant brained genius before watching this interview. And I found myself disagreeing with her about the excess mortality existence and causes. Really more so that she just waffled about its cause and said there must be some attributable to C19. Attribution of anything (symptom or outcome) seems irrelevant to me since the test absolutely does not test for CoV2 given that the assay panel was “CONTRIVED” as clearly stated by the FDA in absence of any isolates. Literally all C19 data is invalid based on that FACT. So, reasonably, we can see that approximately the same amount of people died from the seasonal flu as any other year and excess mortality, to the extent it exists at all, was due to C19 countermeasures not the least significant of which was ordering the sick to be sent to the congregate care homes housing the most vulnerable people. PLUS all of the wrong headed treatment and prevention of treatment. The last time the American Health bureaucracy was correct was when they reminded us that peer reviewed studies prove that masks don’t work. Excess mortality now of course seems right on plan from the injections. Well given how hard the injections are being pushed, we must be behind their modeling (they’re not very good at modeling after all).

  2. I enjoyed the interview with two professionals that communicated with intelligence and worked well together. Yes, some differences in opinion, but that is the way it should be making the interview interesting. Kim Iversen cares about what she has to say, being careful not to cause harm, just like Ryan, the talk is being backed up with facts. Even though personal perceptions are spoken, it too is based on different experiences of the information used as backup. Loved it, thank you so much to both of you.

  3. “In my dad’s lifetime — he’s in his 70’s — the Earth’s population has tripled or quadrupled…” – K.I.

    World Population has more than tripled in the last 70 years:
    70 years ago: 2.5 Billion
    Today: 7.9 Billion

    At 1.5% annual growth we’ll be at 20 Billion in 62 years (which will never happen because massive war and famine will flourish well before if we keep growing).

    Re: Population (over)Growth
    The scariest thing in the world today is the seemingly total willful ignorance — based-on evident behaviors and politics — among the vast majority of people, of the potential for catastrophic effects of Exponential Population Growth; 7.9 billion people can outgrow the Earth really, really fast and nothing good will happen along the way.

    People say “the planet can carry way more people; over-population is not an issue”, etc.
    Do people really think unlimited growth means better food, cleaner water, less disease, no slavery, no starvation or famine, no suffering, less oppression, less injustice, less inequity and no more wars?
    Continued growth means an ever-worsening world, not one that ever gets better.

    Blind-faith consciousness — religion — fosters, foments and promotes (by design of rulers) collective/sociopolitical mass ignorance and fear and obedience and hate and selfishness and violence and corruption and social irresponsibility. Thus, clearly, religions were created and are used as tools of control and oppression, using populations/cultures against each other. Alas, regarding our fundamental common humanity (needs, values, etc.), people have been conditioned not to think but to believe, fear, fight and obey.

    So, instead of worldwide Unity of fundamental Human Values, co-operation and awareness, we end-up with a tiny elite of Technocratic Bank/Business Sociopaths & Psychopaths (who are not prone to blind-faith thinking) taking steps — using biotech/medicine, etc. — to curb growth because the masses are so dumbed-down and degraded by religions, schooling and Media as to not have the will or capacity to recognize and/or proactively adjust, autonomously, to protect and preserve their own personal health and well being, nor have concern for threats to Humanity at-large (such as over population and unhealthy/unsustainable production/consumption paradigms).
    Once again, as throughout History, the Rulers will change the world for their own interests and at the expense of the well being of the planet and the ignorant masses (labor, consumers, soldiers, guinea pigs).
    This is happening because as energy sources, supplies and technologies change, and populations grow, the rulers will conquer new lands to expand their wealth and power.
    Historically, that meant invasion and “war”; in the world of today it means vaccination and “reset”.

    In any case, everything happening today is about population, energy, and means and methods of control by a tiny few over the unwitting masses.

    You have to look at the Grand Scheme of things — that’s what the rulers do; indeed, that’s how they rule — to see what’s going on and act/live accordingly* (without blind faith, ignorance, hate, etc.).
    * Toward health, well being and peace for yourself, at no one’s harm or loss.
    Yeah, it’s tricky to gain w/o someone else giving/losing — the rulers don’t even try; in fact, that’s their secret: Their well being is always at everyone else’s harm and loss — but it can be done. It must be done.


    1. Thanks for long message with links, however I disagree with you point that “unity” is the answer.
      Unity ultimately means mono-culture and world government to manage everyone “equally”.
      No thanks. We need localization, breakdown of all communication and transportation, and return to separate sovereign nations with borders they actively defend. That is, we need a return to nature, not
      pie in the sky utopia based on “unity.” But before we get back to nature, we need to hang the satanists. You are correct about population. The answer is return to nature child mortality
      to insure that only strong humans grow to reproductive age. Sorry, but being nice isn’t as good
      as being a strong species that survives in my opinion. You can have yours. You can keep every
      defective infant alive for your own sense of being nice. Nature is better and what will save us from us.

  4. This interview is awful…it is like she has cognitive dissonance…yea I know, but you know, as Greta said blah, blah, blah,blah…no pandemic, no virus, horrible testing, lies from institutions, academics, medical professions, scientist, media etc…I don’t give a shit that she sometimes gets it right…she is pretty much mainstream with a modicum of common sense coming in every now and then.
    If people do not stand up and call out everyone who does not outright challenge this who bullshit circus that happened, it may be too late. We don’t need people kind of on our side, but need people who are on our side and understand fully that this was a chit chow and lies from the beginning.

  5. Scroll down the list of deaths for each country on this website and your head will spin – then let’s have a conversation that includes a critical analysis of why so many countries have next to no deaths. The US is of course number one – we are the sickest western nation in the world. More interesting is the fact that every year for decades cancer and heart disease kill on average 1.5 million people. Dwarfing covid. We know the causes of cancer and heart disease (often exposure to pollutants or lifestyle choices) and we do nothing about it. But we lock down the world against a virus that kills about 1% of those who get it – and most of them have co-morbidities.

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