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Cannabis: The Right To Home Medicine And The Auto-Flowering Strains

Allowing for the unrestrained domestic cultivation of marijuana offers an astounding advantage when compared with buying, as it allows you to determine the strain of cannabis you are using and that strain’s peculiar therapeutic effects. There are distinctive strains of cannabis with equally different therapeutic and medicinal effects that can be used in the treatment of peculiar conditions. In cases where someone suffers from depression, the Sativa strains of cannabis are the most effective and appropriate therapy. On the other hand, when someone has severe pains and would like a safe form of anesthetic without all the side effects that are associated with orthodox painkillers then the Indica cannabis strains are suitable.   

According to many activists medical cannabis is a Human Right and cultivating cannabis is our right to home medicine and should not be restricted for any reason, as there is overwhelming evidence in favor of the therapeutic advantages associated with cultivating one’s own medicinal garden. It is an undeniable fact that being in touch with nature has a dramatic impact on the healing process. Given the aforementioned fact, it is safe to say that gardening in and of itself has tremendous therapeutic benefits.

Having the right to cultivate your own marijuana garden could keep you away from criminals; lest we not forget that cannabis is still a part of the underground. Moreover, you can decide for yourself with which method you prefer to consume your medicine. Most patients choose an alternative to smoking, as it has the most widely accepted negative attributes. When you have your own plant you could make your own tinctures and/or edibles and you can try juicing the leaves. Apart from the fact that the right to grow cannabis would help patients determine the strain that best soothes their individual ailments, it is also important to state that purchasing marijuana is comparatively expensive when compared to growing it.

The advantages of growing Cannabis plants from auto-flowering seeds

When it comes to domestic cultivation of cannabis, the Auto-flowering strains offers staggering benefits that makes it very convenient to cultivate with remarkable results. The auto-flowering cannabis strains do not require a 12/12 cycle of sunlight and night to flourish and flower.  If you are a newbie in growing plants or you just don’t want to invest too much effort and money, you might think of choosing some “Auto seeds.” Typically, for cannabis to flower it would require an uninterrupted 12 hour light and darkness cycle which is often very difficult to guarantee when left alone to flower naturally without the use of special equipment that ensure adequate 12 to 12 light cycle.

While this is the case for all other cannabis plants, the Auto-flowering strains completely eliminate this challenge as these cannabis plants are genetically designed to not rely on the light cycle in order to flower. They are entirely reliant on the age of the plant. This kind of plants offer some of the most expedient and enjoyable ways to grow cannabis while obviating the need for special lighting equipment which are very expensive.

The stout nature of the plant offers a very discreet process, thereby concealing it from recreational pruners and visitors. In a few words, Auto-flowering seeds are the easiest, the safest, and the faster way to grow your own Cannabis in a very small space.

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