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The Pizzagate Timebomb: ‘It’s A Trap To Discredit Alternative Media’

Pizzagate has imploded.

Not because it’s untrue. Because—like the Democrat accusation the Russians are behind Trump’s election victory—it has not been proven, there is insufficient evidence. Speculated “code” in a Podesta email is not enough.

This does not mean I do not believe some members of the ruling elite and their minions are pedophiles. There is evidence of that, most notably Jimmy Saville and Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein.

However, there is no evidence there is a basement at Comet Pizza and it was used as a rape room.

Pizzagate is a trap. It was used by the establishment to discredit the alternative media, specifically Infowars and Alex Jones.

Jones has provided his enemies with nearly perfect ammunition. He might be sued. His multi-million dollar operation is now in jeopardy.

But I’m too close to that bullet point, so let’s move on.

The recklessness of the alternative media in regard to this conspiracy theory and others has given its enemies the opportunity to inflict serious damage. People are already losing their jobs. Judge Napolitano was suspended from Fox News for insisting Obama wiretapped Trump.

It’s quite obvious the “left” side of the establishment is now attempting to discredit the alternative media on a number of fronts. The FBI is investigating the “far right” for supposed collusion with the Russians, an absurd and easily debunked charge, and every day the establishment media characterizes the BannonBreitbartInfowars “alt-right” as “white nationalists,” and even Nazis, an equally absurd riposte in a culture war that is now raging like a three alarm fire. Social media is actively working on ways to block “fake news” posts. France has gone so far as to threaten to impose fines and prison terms on CEOs of social media companies that do not remove what they deem hate speech and fake news.

If you think the Republicans will come to the rescue, think again. They will side with the Democrats. Sen. Lindsey Graham and his ideological twin Sen. John McCain have signed on to the ludicrous charge of Russian meddling in our election. Other Republicans wait in the wings. Paul Ryan and the Republicans sabotaged Trump’s supposed Obamacare fix, never mind that he campaigned on repealing it. They may eventually acquiesce and allow the Democrats to take down alt-right media or at minimum inflict irreparable damage. That does not seem to be in the cards now, but it is there waiting patiently like an animal of prey. Democrats will use phony evidence provided by the CIA and the establishment to attack Trump and the alt-right media that stands behind him. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are calling themselves the “resistance” and have the ability to cause trouble, not only in the Oval Office but, as we have seen this weekend, in the streets as well. Violent behavior by “leftists” will escalate as the weather improves in the days ahead.*

The alternative media needs to stop handing the establishment ammo. It needs to concentrate on what it can definitively prove—for instance, the massive corruption of both parties, the takeover of our “representation” by transnational corporations and mega-banks, the financial manipulation on Wall Street and at the Federal Reserve, and the endless wars and the entire contrived war on terror designed to enrich the elite and their military-industrial complex and associated industries.

The American people can relate to this.

The “left” will not be able to shoot it down.

Many are now coming around to the immense crimes committed in the name of the war on terror, but mostly because Trump is in office. They also know about corruption, but usually when it is attributed to Republicans. Most are dimly aware or completely unaware of the role played by the Federal Reserve and the international banking cartel. Occupy Wall Street, for instance, concentrated on corporate salaries, bonuses, and so-called income inequality, although some understood the parasitical behavior of the financial elite.

Trump and the Democrats can be taken down on the financial alone. The facts are there, no theories are required. It can be explained in a simple and straightforward fashion how the elite screw normal Americans through monetary inflation and bankster bailout socialism.

Americans are less interested in war, although they are tired of hearing about it. There is a mountain of evidence the government is engaged in massive war crimes. The cost of endless war is destroying the economy through deficit spending and debt.

I think that’s something the American people can relate to.

* The word “leftists” is in quotation because the majority are not really leftists. They are a mob riled up by Democrats and their propaganda media. Although there is a hardcore cadre pushing a panoply of neo-left issues—from transgenderism to abortion and a laundry list of other social issues—the majority is only dimly aware politically and their outrage aimed at Trump is emotional and increasingly violent. The leadership is ideologically leftist–call it the New New Left–but the mob is largely armed with slogans.

Kurt Nimmo
Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day In The Empire.

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