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PizzaGate And The Shadow Government

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system … a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state…. The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government…. This group … is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”— Senator William Jenner, 1954 speech

Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Say hello to America’s shadow government. A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry. – John W. Whitehead, BoilingFrogsPost/NewsBud

I have continuously struggled with the coverage of what has become the single biggest awakening story in American history. The far-reaching implications of this ever-increasing circle of insiders who are deeply tied to and involved in the now public Washington D.C. ring of pedophilia, shakes me to my core … and should. I have struggled with this story because no one should have to think about this on a continual basis, yet it is my duty to you, the people, to push on and continue exposing the deeply sickening depths to which it appears many of this country’s politicians and insiders have fallen. I have an obligation to our readers and listeners to not recede simply because this story may be unpopular in some circles, or because it is just hard to digest. It is however, the Truth, and I see it as my personal moral mandate to spread that Truth wherever it arises, no matter how unsettling. 

As pizzagate no doubt involves many not specifically tied to a government position, the deep connection that the shadow government has with such depravity can not be denied, from facilitating the needs of its important participates, to creating useful blackmail to be used as control measures and in its future dealings, this deep state entity uses the perversion of key individuals to compound its control, and ensure its future operations are unhindered, sadly with zero regard for the “democracy” we are forcefully told to believe in, and the rights we so naively accept as constant and eternal.


As this situation continues to unfold, it appears the establishment and its mainstream mouthpiece have doubled down, and are planning to simply wait out the storm, if you will. Clearly there is no other option, unless the truth suddenly becomes an appealing choice for these illustrious deviants, yet no amount of politicking will remove the jail cell at the end of that equation, so hunker down they will. In doing so, they will only further increase the massive divide growing between the American people, as some continue to hold to their programming and forego even the slightest amount of critical thinking. 

Regardless of the driving force behind the leaks that set off the investigation, this information must be brought into light, if for no other reason than to protect future generations of children from such dark depravities. We must do right by those who were forced to endure such torments and suffer the deafening silence that followed. And as these evil individuals cower in the shadows–the very shadows that have always protected such true deplorables–their protectors will use their powerful tools of misinformation to maintain the wedge of lies effectively holding the critical mass of awareness at bay. 

It may appear as if the chaos in this country only intensifies as this story unfolds; that the closer we get to the truth the further into chaos we descend, and that is by design. But fear not, as that is only a mirage based on lies and manipulative programming meant to scare away the faint of heart. Even in the face of such darkness, stay the course and never forget, that the night is always darkest just before the dawn.



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