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Haitian Authorities Arrest Americans Transporting Cache of Weapons amid Uprising

“President Jovenel Moise has brought home mercenaries to assassinate not only a desperate people who are clamoring for his resignation by demonstrating peacefully but especially his political opponents.” — Haitian online publication Vedeth PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — Even as U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to inspire a military coup against the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Read More…

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Congressional ‘Syria Study Group’ To Provide “Options” For Transition To Post-Assad Syria

Officer: “What are our orders sir?”… Pentagon: “We will convene a panel of bureaucrats to put together a study no one will read and report back in six months.” * * * Since entering office President Trump’s long term policy on Syria has remained somewhat of a mystery. With at least 2,000 US troops still occupying parts of Read More…

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Now Biggest Donor In All Of US Politics, Sheldon Adelson Brings An Israel First Agenda To Washington

Adelson’s massive expenditures in federal elections this cycle are being made because he believes that Republican control of the House and the Senate is vital to maintaining right-wing and pro-Zionist policies and his influence in Washington and at the White House. WASHINGTON – According to publicly available campaign finance data, Sheldon Adelson – the conservative, Zionist, Read More…

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The Madness That Is Gripping Washington

Iran is the hottest of all hot spots in the American view. The United States and Israel have been threatening Iran for something like twenty years, using the pretext that it was developing a nuclear weapon initially, but also more recently declaring that Tehran has become a threat to the entire Middle East. Both contentions Read More…

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John Bolton And His Israeli Counterpart Just Met In Washington To Plot Against Iran

According to Axios, Israeli national security advisor Meir Ben-Shabat arrived in Washington on Tuesday for talks at the White House with John Bolton, his American counterpart. The two of them ratified the U.S.-Israeli framework document on countering Iran agreed upon by the two countries last December, even before Bolton entered his role as national security Read More…

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As US Military Effectiveness And Diplomacy Fade, Many Countries Start Ignoring Washington

Diplomatic work continues in some of the areas with the highest geopolitical tensions in the world. In recent days there have been high-level meetings and contacts between Turkey, Iran and Russia over the situation in Syria; meetings between Modi and Xi Jinping to ease tensions between India and China; and finally, the historic meeting between Moon Jae-in Read More…