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5 Things You Should Know About US-led ‘One-Time’ Strikes On Syria

Multiple targets in Syria were bombarded by the US, UK, and France in retaliation to what they said was an Assad-orchestrated chemical attack near Damascus. Here are the main facts about the intervention. Washington approved “precision strikes” against Syria early on Saturday, alongside British and French forces that also took part in the bombing. Shortly Read More…

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“Massive Explosions” Heard Above Syria Amid Reports Of Fighter Jet Airstrikes; Pentagon Denies

Update: confusion, of course. According to Syria’s TV channels, there has been an “aggression on T4 airfield with several strikes, likely to be by the US”. Meanwhile Pentagon officials deny any  US involvement. SENIOR U.S OFFICIAL SAYS NO TRUTH TO REPORTS OF ANY U.S. STRIKES AGAINST ASSAD BASES IN SYRIA BREAKING: U.S. officials: The United States Read More…

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Washington And Riyadh’s Terror Enterprise. Wahhabi-Indoctrinated Mercenaries

For decades the United States and its NATO allies have helped Saudi Arabia export methods of political indoctrination known as Wahhabism to radicalize individuals and swell the ranks of mercenary forces used to wage proxy wars abroad and manipulate Western populations at home. What began as a means for the House of Saud itself to Read More…

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Russia Threatens Military Action Against US If Washington Strikes Syria

While mystery still surrounds the statement by now-former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who on Monday – when he already knew he was fired – said that Moscow is “clearly” behind the poisoning of Russian double-agent Skripal in the UK and that the Russian action would “trigger a response,” and whether this was a tacit defiance of Trump Read More…

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Zionist Lobby, With Backing From Adelson, Greasing The Skids For McMaster’s Ouster

The Zionist Organization of America’s ongoing efforts to ax McMaster as National Security Adviser gained considerable momentum after securing the support of Zionist billionaire donor Sheldon Adelson. WASHINGTON – Since replacing embattled former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Gen. H.R. McMaster has been a key fixture of the Trump White House, helping to guide the Read More…

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Why Does The US Have No Intention Of Leaving Syria?

State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on February 20th that Washington supported united Syria with current borders. “We’re not changing it, we’re not supporting the changing or the addition of any kind of autonomous region,” she added. The statement, however, runs counter to the DoD actions, as its officials must have their own plans for Read More…