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The Palestinian People Are Under Attack, But Unified – And This Time They’re Fighting Back

Gaza is still under Israeli attack, and for the first time ever it seems that armed groups in the enclave have given a tough response as Palestinians throughout historic Palestine rise up against their occupier.

At least 67 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, this includes 17 children and 6 women, 388 civilians have also been wounded, including 115 children and 50 women. On the Israeli side, as many as 10 soldiers may have been killed and between 6-20 Israelis due to rocket fire, however, it is nearly impossible to tell as the Israeli authorities are unreliable sources.

Since Israel’s assault on the al-Aqsa Mosque and its worshippers on Monday, which injured 550 people, 333 of which were hospitalized, the entire Palestinian people have risen up into a new Intifada. This time however, things are extremely different. 

First of all, the armed groups in Gaza, the most prominent of which are the al-Quds brigades (PIJ armed wing) and al-Qassam brigades (Hamas armed wing), are now in the possession of real rockets. Despite media propaganda produced in the past, the armed groups possessed merely glorified fireworks which had little impact on their enemies beyond becoming an annoyance. This has completely changed, as the armed factions have delivered a stronger blow to Israel in the past days than they have in any previous encounter with their occupier.

For every Palestinian civilian killed and every building leveled, the armed groups have responded, hitting an Israeli power plant, oil refinery, military bases and all its major cities to the centre and north. The rockets now seem to be more precise and some of them pack a real punch. The armed groups have also carried out strikes with Koronet ATGM’s hitting Israeli military vehicles directly and killing soldiers; they have also used drones to target the Israeli military. Hamas officially announced today that its newest technology is also yet to be used and is much more powerful.

On top of this, the Palestinian citizens of Israel have for the first time since they were under military occupation – up until 1966 – risen up, but this time in a more significant way than ever before. The city of Lod was put in a declared state of emergency, after Palestinian demonstrators reacted violently to police crackdowns and Israeli gangs. We have never seen this sort of action from Palestinians inside of Israel before, but after years of oppression their collective outrage has exploded across 40 different cities.

In Jerusalem and the West Bank the people have also risen up and are constantly protesting Israel’s settlements and illegal measures under occupation, with West Bank inhabitants living in Jenin and Nablus committing armed resistance.

The resistance, both armed and unarmed, is not ending and will continue until Israel stops egregiously violating the human rights of the people of Palestine. Even if this escalation finishes in the next few weeks, it will re-emerge and the situation on the ground has now changed forever.

The Palestinian people have been abandoned by the International Community, and their hopes of one day seeing an end to life under Apartheid – as Human Rights Watch describes it – had sunken into the darkness. However, Israel made one crucial mistake, its government and the majority of its people worked under the assumption that this day would never come; a day when the Palestinians would unite as one body and with greater force than ever.

When a population suffers massacre after massacre and lives for decades under a brutal military occupation, then you attack their Holy Sites forcing their backs against the wall, they have one option, and that is to fight back. We are seeing that now. The Palestinians are fighting back stronger than ever and it came out of a period of time that little to no-one had expected. 

The Israelis have continued massacring Palestinians and it is nowhere close to a fair fight, but now the Palestinians have sent a clear message that Israel can no longer just torment them for sport and get away with it. So now rises the Third Intifada.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

10 Replies to “The Palestinian People Are Under Attack, But Unified – And This Time They’re Fighting Back

  1. There is a weird similarity between COVID 19 tyrannical medical tyranny and lockdowns and destruction of our economy and the mass murder of people in the hospitals, the vaccines and what Palestinians have been living for the last 70 years. Since Covid 19 I now understand how horrible and criminal the State of Israel is. It is not a coincidence why the zionist state is so adamant at establishing a Covid 19 ”green passport”, and now treating even Jews as if they were also in prison. What you do to your enemy, you eventually do to yourself. Israel is a sad concentration camp and zionists are merely imitating what they learned in IBM AG Farben concentration camps and the gulags.

  2. It feels that the worm has turned, finally. I do so hope that they (Palestine) will fight to the death and annihilate the complete Israeli state. I also hope that the people from inside Israel rise up and show support with Palestine. There are a lot of good people in Israel that should stand up against their own perverted and sick government. One can only hope for the best.

  3. Go Palestinians -Good to see you coming together to finally trouble their occupiers! Please do the rest of the World a favour and target their Big Pharma and Bio Tech facilities!

  4. Regarding the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by Israel:They need to bemade to move back to original agreed upon area.They should pay restitution.The militant leaders and evil kazharian fakerabbis should be held before tribunal and jailed with hardlabor.My understanding is that,according to Many genetic studies,Most of the True Semitic,Moses following,Torah-abiding/ Jews were killed.These poser kazharians/ashkeNazi fakejews are Not Semitic and have 0 right to the m.east land.Their own Jewish History and dictionary and other texts Admit they are Lying frauds.They intentionally Attacked The U.S.S.Liberty,they aided in 9/11 attacks,mossads been involved in child trafficking and training u.s. Police.Needs to end.Netanyahu is a serial killer.

  5. Seems to me that that hamas started this round by firing rockets into Israel – I don’t blame them a bit – I’d push gaza into the ocean .

    1. Seems to you? Why, because you blindly trust what MSM told you? What you just regurgitated is verifiably incorrect. Oh and Gaza is the most densely civilian populated area on earth, millions of innocent people, half children; where is your humanity? Educate yourself on how this started, and in general. Let’s start with the basics. The UN has never faltered on the fact that Gaza is an illegally occupied territory. Which means, again, according to international law, that they have the right to armed rebellion. Which means it really does matter who fired first, Israel is there illegally so any violence is its fault, according to international law. On top of that, as I said, they did not initiate this, in fact tried to plead with Israel to stop before they were forced to respond. All easy to verify, but something tells me you won’t care about the facts in lieu of the narrative.,

    2. Follow the real news, Tom. A couple of days ago it started when Israeli soldiers refused muslims to enter the Al Aqsa mosk. Next day they invaded the same mosk filled with praying believers. Over 300 people got injured. And no I didn’t hear from the american msm. Thank God I live in Europe where there still is a shimmer of real journalism and of course reading Robert Imlakesh.

  6. Unite people, stop bickering over technicalities and worrying about international law. People like you and me are dying in the streets everyday, put a stop to this now. Do you want your dear family and friends to die at the hands of some foreign entity that thinks they got the right to do whatever. Are we still living in Roman times? Get over it already! Get up Stand up, stand up for your rights!

    1. That’s what we are all doing. To assume that this show is all we’re accomplishing is ridiculous. We take real world action.. and THEN we inform. What do you do? “Bickering”? How insulting, to us and those we help. We are uniting people, but comments like this, undermining the importance of dialogue, are dangerous and counter-productive.

      1. Keep on keeping on, Ryan Cristian! You’re providing a great service here. I can’t stomach turning on main street media anymore, even–perhaps, especially–PBS, NPR. And you are among the few seeking and sharing truth on many fronts. I actually find myself seeking out Tucker Carlton, just to hear some questions/commentary, daring to ask a few sensible questions. And I had NEVER sought out Fox News before, ever.
        My income is minimal and unpredictable, but I will begin regular, albeit small, contributions. I always loved Democracy Now/Amy Goodman; much truth told there EXCEPT anything to do with CVID-19, the insidious injections, masks, overall control plan, etc., etc. Guess funding from B. Gates keeps her silent. Sad, because on some levels her reports are/were excellent. Not about this P(l)andemic narrative.

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