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Occult Worship – Hollywood’s Other Dirty Secret That Everyone Knows Of But No One Talks About

The avalanche of revelations about the perverted and predatory sexual underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is long overdue. It has always been an open secret of sorts, but the whole house is coming down right now as more people are suddenly feeling empowered to speak out, and the media is finally ready to listen and take seriously to the stories of victims.

But what if pedophilia and the sexual harassment of women in entertainment is only a symptom and not actually the disease?

Just below the surface, hidden in plain sight in Hollywood is the overwhelming influence of the occult and the esoteric schools of ancient black magic. It has always been present in this industry because those who seek power in our world have long recognized that television, film and music are the most efficient and important roadways into the public psyche and the collective conscience.

Many have warned us about this for years, composing volumes of books and videos, gathering evidence of this bizarre conspiracy.

“Hollywood is, as David Lynch titles it, an “inland empire” – a kind of covenantal city-state of its own, with its own religion, including all the trappings of neophytes, acolytes, servants, agents, star saints, hierophants and hierarchs and holy sites.  It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries.  The ancient mysteries comprise the competing religious practices of the empires of old, but the one empire that seems to have achieved the most appropriate association with Hollywood is Babylon – the “gate of the gods”.” ~Jay Dyer


Clues appear in the form of symbols and the use of symbolic set and setting in order to introduce occult memes into the subconscious. Subliminal messages packed with sexual innuendo including veiled pornographic images and reproductive anatomy are vaguely concealed in films. Music videos are laden with satanic imagery and overtly demonic themes.

Here is a compilation of examples of this in many of Disney’s children’s films:

Here is a compilation of Illuminati and satanic symbols appearing in music videos. There are hundreds of more examples of this that are quite easy to find.

Illuminati symbolism is a recurring theme, often resurfacing as the chosen celebrity covering one eye. The symbol of the one eye is of course the same single eye that watches from atop the symbolic pyramid, a symbol on our money and scattered throughout the political world.

There are so many instances of actors, musicians and pop stars being photographed with one eye covered that it defies the definition of coincidence. Here is a collage with just a tiny fraction of available examples.

Hollywood has its own hidden language that is stunningly pervasive in entertainment media, with recurring themes applied over again in new contexts. There is so much to it that it cannot be ignored, but you don’t see it until you’ve been introduced to it. Once you see, though, you see it everywhere.

The themes are applied in so many productions that it utterly defies coincidence, which suggests that there must be some greater unifying message or purpose to it all. Based on the type of symbols and when looked at in the historical context of esoteric religious movement, Egyptian theology, Babylonian mythology, Satan worship and so on, Hollywood and the movie industry are clearly working to serve a particular ideological movement.

The worship of dark and satanic forces has historically been linked to human sacrifice, pedophilia, sexual perversion, ego worship, celebrity worship, fragmentation of the individual psyche into controllable parts, mind control and corruption of the soul. The use of the occult and its symbols is a methodology employed to weaken the power of the individual and to create psychological slaves. It is a serious form of mind control.

While there certainly is reason to applaud the growing tidal wave of truth about Hollywood, one can only hope that these revelations ultimately go all the way to the core of the depravity in Hollywood, and that we can finally liberate our culture from these dark influences.

Source: www.wakingtimes.com

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers is the earth-bound incarnation of that familiar part of our timeless cosmic selves, the rebel within. He is a surfer of ideals and meditates often on the promise of happiness in a world battered by the angry seas of human thoughtlessness.

6 Replies to “Occult Worship – Hollywood’s Other Dirty Secret That Everyone Knows Of But No One Talks About

  1. Please use correct terminology… Occult means hidden. This is Dark Occult. INTENT is what matters. Hidden knowledge is used for both positive and negative purposes. Love is white magic, Fear/trauma is black magic.

    1. Thank you Kabamur, you are correct. There is a very big difference there. You might enjoy the archives of one of our writers Anthony Tyler, as he has discussed that topic on a number of occasions. Here is an article that is part of a larger series he did which covers that topic, but there is much more in our archives. Thank you for your comment.

  2. No. Anything “occult” (hidden) is suspect. There is no hidden knowledge whatsoever in the Bible – the wisdom contained therein is available to us all. Even “white magic” pays homage to gods and goddesses (demons). Magick is not love – God is love.

    1. Correct, it is a false narrative that engaging with entities from the spirit world can follow a path of light or darkness. Demons can appear as Angels or anything else that the conjurer wishes to see. All is deception – in order to contaminate and damn the human soul who chooses the left hand path. The highest deception is that of self deception, that one can think that they can control entities beyond their understanding. It is all hidden for a reason, because this is where corruption of the human spirit can flourish.

  3. I stopped using all technology and reading all news, conspiracy or otherwise. Think of the last few months. Hurricane HARVEY, HARVESt Festival and HARVEY weinstein accused of rape by a woman that played a WITCH on the TV show CHARMED as in 3 times is a CHARM or the power of three. Rituals done by witches as in Jer-u-salem as in NEW SALEM witches.

    I suggest not reading any news at all as ALL NEWS is fake news or rituals just like the weather website: intellicast (in-tell-i-cast a spell on you)

    When I was younger my sister and I referred to the penis as a ‘Pine’ pronounced ‘Pee Knee’ as in Pineal gland. It’s a joke. The Pineal Gland is Chronos/Saturn and is the Penis-All-Gland. The Father of Chronos is planet UR ANUS and the Mother of Chronos is Gaia as in Gay. Get it?

    The point of my post is to show you the simplicity and idiocy of this ‘world’. I could tell you much much more.

    This ‘world’ is a joke. It’s completely fabricated bullshit.

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