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Nurses, Physicians and Parents React to the Documentary VAXXED

Perhaps the most controversial and most important documentary film to be released in many years, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, tells the true story of how corporate and private interests have influenced the medical establishment in regards to vaccines, and are forcing dangerous products and vaccine schedules onto America’s children. Not at all anti-vaccine, the film is clearly pro-good vaccine and pro-responsible vaccine schedules without the tainted decision-making process we presently have.

Directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, VAXXED received a tremendous amount of controversy when it was released due to the fact that Robert DeNiro, himself the father of a vaccine damaged child, opted to pull the film from the Tribeca film festival citing the film’s unlikelihood to contribute positively to the debate on vaccines. Since his decision, it has become clear that his move was one of the greatest public relations tricks of all time, as it successfully launched the film into the spotlight, causing a tidal wave of global interest.

Since it’s release and the subsequent controversy, the film has been heralded by many who probably would have never taken the time to watch it if it weren’t for the controversy, and has helped to push this critical issue closer into the spotlight of mainstream awareness.

A recent viewing of the film in Atlanta,GA hosted by the VAXXED team invited members of the medical community, as well as parents, in order to capture their reactions to the film. You can see this for yourself below, but first have a look at some of the comments made by physicians, nurses and parents after a screening of VAXXED.

The following quotes were compiled by the folks at the website Vaccine Choice Prayer Community.

“I did not fully vaccinate my children because I strongly believed there was a link towards autism. Pretty much in the background, we don’t vaccinate our own children; but unfortunately, those in family medicine, pediatricians, it really affects their practice and their revenue. I took an oath to do no wrong, and that’s it.” – Dr. Joshua Morton I, MD, MBA

VAXXED Reactions 1

“I’m a women’s health physician. I take care of women and I deliver babies.  The best word to describe how I felt watching it is shattered. When you’re setting public policy and you have data that shows that there’s harm and you ignore that data for financial gain, that’s disturbing to me. Before I would tell them, hey you’re this stage, this is the recommended vaccines; you just need to go and do it. I don’t do that any more.” -Dr. Kathryn A. Hale, MD, MPH

VAXXED Reactions 2

“The movie, it was tremendous.  It was sad . . .  I do not have a child with autism, but I have a 34 year old who has schizophrenia. I’ve been in the nursing field working along side doctors for over 40 years . . . I been telling these people over here, get your child immunized. If they don’t, do you know the police will go to their house, Child Protective Services will go.  They would take their children away.  Because we’re thinking, I’m a nurse . . . If this had been told to us, do you think any nurse would have told us, I mean any nurse would have given a child, encouraged a parent to give a child a shot?  No.”

VAXXED Reactions 3

“My husband told me, you need to go a little more anonymous or they might ‘Wakefield’ you.  It’s real.” – Dr. X

VAXXED Reactions 4

“Vaxxed was incredible! As a holistic health practitioner who handles vaccine injury cases frequently, this film was heartbreaking. People need to realize the extent of the damage the vaccines are doing. There are different levels of damage. Some vaccines cause autism, some cause other autoimmune diseases, some cause long-term chronic illness. This film is the gateway for the world to see just how much of a health crisis they are causing.” –  S.J.

“I am a nurse.  I’ve been a nurse since 1973.  Nurses don’t know.  Doctors don’t know…. Nurses do not know and people trust nurses.  You trust us!” – R. D.

A comment by a mother on Facebook to the Vaccine Choice Prayer Community page…

“Before I get to my point with this post, there are 4 things you should know:

1. Both of my kids have been vaccinated on the recommended CDC schedule (They are 14 and 13 years of age.)

2. The ONLY reason I went to see the documentary VAXXED today was because I was intrigued that DeNiro and team received enough backlash to remove it from the Tribecca Film Festival

3. I went in to the documentary confident about CDC information on vaccines and assuming this was an anti-vaccination documentary.

4. Although I am not very vocal about it, I am have always been pro-vaccine during my years of parenthood.

I came out of the documentary VAXXED less than a couple of hours ago with my mind blown. First, the documentary is NOT anti-vaccine. The ever villianized Dr. Wakefield (and I seriously agreed with that assertion until a few hours ago) is NOT anti-vaccination as the government and media would have you believe. The documentary is PRO safe vaccines, PRO safe vaccine schedules, PRO information (REAL INFORMATION, NOT FALSIFIED INFORMATION), and PRO giving people the truth so they can make truly informed decisions. The CDC has duped millions of people in the name of money. Go watch this documentary. There are showings through tomorrow at the Angelika in Dallas. It is worth every second of your time and every dime of your money. Knowing when you are being manipulated and being able to say you were duped is the first step towards making more conscientious decisions. I feel like a fool and also a bit like a victim, and I am really sad that we put both of our kids at risk without properly educating ourselves (I mean, we really thought we were educating ourselves because you know, the good ol’ CDC wouldn’t lie, right?). I am still not anti-vaccine, but I am anti-BS. I will make much more informed choices regarding my children’s health. I have a lot of research in my future. If you need me, I’ll be busy reading for like ever.  Now, go buy your tickets!”

Watch the Atlanta premier video here:


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