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The Escalating Efforts To Silence The Vaccine Safety Debate: Pitting Parents Against Parents

It’s one thing to recommend something you believe in. It’s quite another to demand that everyone else believe in it as well. Add hostility, politics, lobbyists, and an industry with a long history of dishonesty, and the result is the antithesis of the founding principles of this country. Last month, Cosmopolitan posted a very disturbing Read More…

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Parents Disagree With School Over ADHD Diagnosis — So CPS Kidnapped Their Son

A couple from Ohio have found themselves in a troubling custody battle with Child Protective Services for reportedly rejecting a mental health diagnosis of their son urged by the school administration. The disagreement has turned ugly and parents Christian and Katie Maple say they have lost custody of their son over refusing medical treatment that Read More…

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Nurses, Physicians and Parents React to the Documentary VAXXED

Perhaps the most controversial and most important documentary film to be released in many years, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, tells the true story of how corporate and private interests have influenced the medical establishment in regards to vaccines, and are forcing dangerous products and vaccine schedules onto America’s children. Not at all anti-vaccine, the film is Read More…