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Black Activist Gives Controversial, Yet Profound Talk About The Problems With The Black Lives Matter Movement

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the black communities have struggled mightily since the times of slavery. Not many people can deny that they have historically been the most oppressed race in the United States and that re-developing the inner cities is an important component of the social transformation that needs to happen in this country if it is to relocate peace and prosperity.

However, some of the movements that have sought to solve these complex issues, Black Lives Matter in particular, being the most prominent one in today’s spotlight, have implemented questionable strategies that beg the question: Are they doing more harm than good?

These issues are complicated and we should commend people for at least having the heart to care, but one really begins to wonder whether the Black Lives Matter movement is a smart and effective way of solving them, and whether they represent the black communities in a positive way. This doesn’t take into account the disputed funding sources behind the movement itself (George Soros), which could very well mean it was compromised from the start.

One activist in particular going by the name of That Guy T on his social media accounts, delivered a passionate speech about his issues with the Black Lives Matters movement, as well as offering some more effective solutions such as personal responsibility and self transformation. While this talk may rile up some intense emotions, it’s important to understand that truth isn’t always what we want to here. However, truth is light, and it is the only way to authentically solve problems and move forward.

Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

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