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New Memo To Prosecutors Reveals Law Allowing Gov’t To Execute Legal Marijuana Growers

Jeff Sessions’ latest memo pushes prosecutors to seek the death penalty against drug dealers, including the ability of the government to execute owners of completely legal marijuana businesses. Seriously.

(TFTP) To make America great again, Donald Trump announced last month that he will be moving forward with his plan to execute people for selling drugs. Without any critical thought or scientific approach, the president completely ignored all the data and instead opted for the police state as a solution to the opioid epidemic currently ravaging the nation.

“We can have all the blue-ribbon committees we want, but if we don’t get tough on the drug dealers, we’re wasting our time. Just remember that. We’re wasting our time. And that toughness includes the death penalty,” Trump exclaimed before he was met with applause.

As his supporters cheered on the wholesale state-sanctioned slaughter of people for conducting voluntary interactions, their applause were also unwittingly supporting the murder of legal marijuana growers.


Last week, after the president’s most tyrannical speech, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to the nation’s federal prosecutors urging them to seek the death penalty in cases involving large-scale drug traffickers. The memo highlights a little-known federal law that allows the US government to execute anyone who grows more than 60,000 marijuana plants.

As the Denver Post points out, Sessions’ memo talks largely about opioids, but federal law contains no such drug-specific limitation on prosecutors’ power. Trace the law’s meandering route through federal statutes and you’ll come to this conclusion: Anyone convicted of cultivating more than 60,000 marijuana plants or possessing more than 60,000 kilograms of a substance that contains marijuana could face death as a punishment.


While it is entirely unlikely that the US government would start executing legal marijuana growers, the fact remains — it is one of their options.

“I think it’s still very theoretical,” said Sam Kamin, a University of Denver law professor who specializes in marijuana law and in the death penalty, according to the Post. “I don’t think anyone thinks the federal government is going to seek the death penalty against a state-licensed business. But what it highlights is this enormous disconnect with federal and state law.”

Although most marijuana growers are secretive about how many plants they cultivate at a time, Sam Kamin was asked how many he estimates to pass the benchmark of 60,000. “There are many,” he responded.

The Free Thought Project also spoke with a marijuana grower who owns operations in California, Nevada, and Colorado. Speaking on the condition of anonymity — for likely reasons — our source tells us that he grows twice that amount.

According to the Post, in June, the last month for which this data is available, there were nearly 1 million marijuana plants under cultivation by Colorado’s state-licensed cannabis businesses. In California, one of the biggest dispensaries is building out a farm it expects will grow 100,000 plants at a time. And Smith said laws in states that have more recently adopted legal marijuana but limit the number of sales licenses available have probably increased the number of super-sized pot grows in the country.

The idea that the US government claims the right to murder you for growing an arbitrary number of plants — which research shows can potentially solve the current opioid epidemic — speaks to the dangerous idiocy and tyranny within the state.

Although Sessions marching innocent pot farmers down death row is unlikely, the fact remains that it is one of their options.

“What Sessions is reminding us,” Kamin said, “is that losing your life is at least statutorily possible.”


Matt Agorist
Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Matt is the founder of The Free Thought Project.

6 Replies to “New Memo To Prosecutors Reveals Law Allowing Gov’t To Execute Legal Marijuana Growers

  1. Well said, Terry. But the thing is it means they can set up whoever they want to execute, It’s to put even more fear/dread in the collective. What the US government doesn’t seem to realize is how they are being perceived by the world. This is why Russia now has growing global sympathy.

    Many people thought Icke was an insane conspiracy theorist. He has never been someone personally followed but listen to this;

  2. OK, Donald Trump announced last month that he will be moving forward with his plan to execute people for selling drugs. If we’re talking about an opioid epidemic, an opioid epidemic promoted and pushed by the pharmaceutical industry or the CIA, roughly 90% of which are good folk; there are still 10% that are rotten to the core. The result is the title of CIA, in partnership with Israeli Mossad, is the largest drug cartel on the planet. A shakeup, take down, and prosecution of these organized crime syndicates is a positive goal. But marijuana? I just don’t see it. A sacred plant because of its mystical and medical properties alone is too much to ignore, not to mention a source of food rich in nutritional values as a vegetable, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Trump would have to be crazy to try to bring down Mary Jane’s industry. And Sessions? Give the idiot a bowl of Black Kush Ice, indica – Premium Quality Hash and a couple of hits of Ozley’s acid. Maybe he’ll find sanity as a Guru of sorts. A real hipster hooked on Zap Comics and Frank Zappa.

  3. They will not execute legal pot growers. That would be almost 1/2 the population of MA right now. Everyone and their mother is growing it. Prices going down and work at a minimum lol.

    1. Well as it says in the article, it applies to those growing over 60,000 plants. But I guess we cannot put it past the government to not follow its own arbitrary laws.

  4. Sessions has got to go though ship him to Guantanamo. I am all for bringing the criminal drug cartels like big pharma and the CIA to the gallows though. Absolutely.

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