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Mysterious Deaths Of Holistic Doctors Around The Country: Coincidence Or Concerted Effort?

Anyone who has taken the time to truly research this nation’s history, both recent and back to its origins, should be well aware that those with the wealth have the power to manipulate the government, just as we are increasingly beginning to see today, due in large part to the tireless and all too often unacknowledged efforts of the independent media

History has shown, in more ways than one, that these ruling elite–or whatever euphemism one feels applies to those with almost no financial limitations and the ability to influence both policy and trade on a massive scale–would have no qualms about choosing their gain over your well-being at every turn. So when we apply that logic to the case at hand, wherein doctors are finding, or rather re-discovering alternative ways to heal and outright prevent a multitude of illnesses that plague mankind, illnesses that have been used to create entire multi-billion dollar industries of continuous treatment as opposed to actual healing, we need to ask ourselves: who stands to lose with this monumental rise in awareness of just how effective holistic medicine can be?

The Mysterious Deaths Of Holistic Doctors

The suspicious deaths began on June 19, when Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a renowned autism researcher from Florida, who moved his practice to Georgia, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. Police were quick to claim that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, ruling the death a suicide almost immediately. The doctor’s family suspects foul play and has been outspoken in their belief that there is more to this story. 

One reason many suspected foul play was due to the fact that Doctor Bradstreet had recently had trouble with the feds for his practice of holistic medicine. Just weeks before his death, his office was raided by the Food and Drug Administration. The entirety of the U.S. has heard of the DEA raiding dispensaries, however, few have previously heard of FDA raids of well-respected doctors.

This is just one of the extremely suspicious deaths that has occurred in relation to doctors practicing holistic medicine over the last two years, that we know of (a complete list of the deaths can be found here). 


One of the most apparent signs that there is more to the story than the American people are being told, is that they are not being told anything at all, at least by the mainstream media. Many of these doctors were recognized authors and had been on television, yet with all of their notoriety, the mainstream media has completely ignored the story, even going as far as to outright attack both the character of the departed, and those willing to look beneath the surface and question the official narrative of the case — which should remind many of more than one recent story covered on The Last American Vagabond.

Whether one feels that there is a conspiracy at play here, or that these are just random happenstance, it should not be hard to recognize that it’s quite alarming for a specific group of people to have 80 deaths in such a condensed period of time, and more importantly, all under very suspicious circumstances with many of the bereaved openly crying foul play. In almost every occurrence, the mainstream media will jump on the chance to flaunt a death for ratings, yet they have shown media silence to this story. And as we have pointed out many times in the past, when mainstream media is silent on a topic, that is likely the first place you should look.

No clear connection has been made between the deaths of these doctors except the fact that they all practiced alternative medicine. With the rise of awareness to the truth of holistic remedies such as CBD oil, that have been proven to cure or at the very least successfully treat cancer, many Americans have began to stray from traditional “pharmaceutical” western medicine. This is seen as a serious threat to a multibillion dollar industry, and those who lurk just behind the scenes. If one thinks that the major investment groups behind the pharmaceutical industry could not possibly be capable of a massive campaign to stop or slow down the rise of holistic medicine, let’s take a look back at the beginning of what Americans see as “traditional western medicine.”

The Deceitful Rise Of Modern Western Medicine

In the early years of the American empire, when their was still a free market in the medical field, there were many thriving hospitals and medical colleges openly practicing what we now know as “alternative medicine.” Over a century ago the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations decided to engineer the medical curriculum through their grants and donations to the many different medical schools they deemed could be profitable for their associated businesses. They decided that they would reform medical education in America to suit their financial desires. There were many different types of medical schools from homeopathic and herbal, to what we know today as modern western medicine. The Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations sought to patent the petrochemical medical education as the sole practice in the United States. The natural health colleges were not pushing enough chemical drugs, and those drugs were primarily owned by the Carnegies and the Rockefellers.

So out came the authorized preordained Flexner Report, funded by the two foundations, that called on American medical schools to enact “higher admission and graduation standards,” and in so many words, stated that it was far too easy to open a medical school. This report was used to shift from holistic to pharmaceutical practice. The American Medical Association (AMA), who were evaluating the various medical colleges, made it their job to target and shut down the larger more respected homeopathic medical colleges. Carnegie and Rockefeller began to immediately shower hundreds of millions of dollars on the medical schools that focused on teaching drug intensive medicine.

Carnegie and Rockefeller made sure they had their own staff appointed to high positions on the board of directors of these schools. They made sure these schools were teaching the curriculum they dictated or they would not “donate” the millions that the schools so obviously wanted, and in most cases, truly needed. Over time they began to fill these boards with members who were literally on the payroll. Once they had entire control of the board, the curriculum of these schools began to swing completely in the sole direction of pharmaceutical drugs which were exclusively sold by Carnegie and Rockefeller, and it has remained that way ever since.

Predictably, the schools that had the funding of these foundations turned out the “recognized” doctors that were taught to push pharmaceutical drugs instead of holistic treatments, even if the holistic treatment could work better, or would cost less. By 1925, 10,000 herbalists were out of business, and by 1940 over 1500 chiropractors were prosecuted for practicing quackery. The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the 1900s dwindled down to just two by 1923, and by 1950 all the schools teaching homeopathy were closed. In the end, if a doctor did not graduate from a “Flexner approved medical school,” he or she could not find a job. Most doctors today do not even realize they are lap dogs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Looking back on the history of the medical field in this country, and seeing the many egregious acts of the American government in recent years, it should not seem outside the realm of possibility that there is some foul play at work in the mysterious deaths of these doctors. At this point, all the American people can do is spread any information that arises and continue to ask questions. When the mainstream media is silent, behind that silence is the news.

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Ryan Cristián
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3 Replies to “Mysterious Deaths Of Holistic Doctors Around The Country: Coincidence Or Concerted Effort?

  1. Big Med and Big Pharma are but two heads of the new monster terrorizing the land, the Hydra.

    This Hydra is a product of the Cartel of largest investment banks, that
    exist as the largest shareholders of the largest “competing”
    corporations, in most every single industry.

    And special interest legislation, via political campaign contributions and Lobbying, has provided among their best ROI’s.

    Big Ag/Food, Big Insurance, Big Chem, Big Banks, Big Media, Big Bureaucracy, Big Government, etc. are among other heads of that Hydra.

    The more non-nutritious junk food people eat, sending more profits to this Cartel, the sicker they get.
    The sicker they get, the more healthcare & pharmaceuticals they need, sending more profits to this Cartel.
    And the more their insurance premiums go up, meaning even more profits for the Cartel.

    The more synthetic fertilizers are used on farm & crop lands, the less
    the nutritious the food (soil microbes are responsible for the creation
    of most natural vitamins, natural antibiotics, allelochemicals, etc.).
    All the things that make plants and food, good.

    The less naturally nutritious the food, the more synthetic vitamins are needed to “enrich” that food.
    But even those synthetic vitamins are not equal to their natural counterparts.
    Many are derived from toxic compounds and industrial waste products.
    Cholecalciferol (synthetic vitamin D3) is used both as a dietary supplement and a rodenticide.

    Guess whom owns the largest fertilizer, chemical & vitamin manufacturers.
    The Cartel.

    Plus, proper disposal of the massive amounts of sewage sludge is expensive,
    thus the Cartel has convinced the EPA and most state governments that
    sewage sludge should be dumped on farm & crop lands.
    Labeling it as “compost” and dumping it on those farm & crop lands generates
    even more profit (a lesson in how to take an expense and turn it into

    Think of all the nasty stuff that gets flu shed down
    drains, from human waste, to pet waste, to cosmetics, to cleaning
    chemicals, to solvents, to hormones, to “forever” chemicals, to
    antibiotics & sterilizers, to industrial wastes, etc.

    You are what you eat (new body cells are made from the atoms of the stuff you ingest).
    You’re also what you eat, ate.
    And that follows across the entire food chain.
    Synthetic antibiotics in chicken manures, passed through those chickens via their “fortified” feed, are negatively affecting “organic” crops.

    The “Father of medicine”, Hippocrates, understood the importance of
    nutritious food some 2,300 years ago (“Let food be thy medicine and
    medicine be thy food” – not a direct quote but representative of his
    Yet today we are light years behind his knowledge.

    Numerous Researchers, Scientists, Historians, etc. have noted how decreased
    nutrition in food likely exacerbated the Black Plague during the Middle
    Yet here we are, in 2021, scratching our heads and wondering why humans are so weak & sickly.


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