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Israel Fires Missiles At Syrian Military Site Near Damascus

With details still emerging on Israel’s Friday attack against a military site south of the Syrian capital city of Damascus, a strike which Israeli media have presented as being an attack against Iran, a new round of strikes was reported Monday night, against different targets in metro Damascus.

The attacks targeted Jamraya, a suburb west of Damascus, according to Syrian state media, and targeted a military research site in the area. Syrian media reported that three of the Israeli missiles were shot down by air defenses.

The same site was apparently targeted by Israel back in 2013. Despite being primarily referred to as a “research site,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed it destroyed substantial amounts of arms stored within.

As is often the case with Israeli attacks on Syria, Israeli officials have yet to directly comment on the matter. Though Israeli strikes early in the Syrian War were supposedly meant to keep Hezbollah from getting arms shipments, increasingly the strikes seem to be at any Syrian military site Israel seems to feel like hitting, and let the details remain totally unspoken.



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