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Man Receives World’s First Tattoo Gun Prosthesis After Losing Arm

This tattoo artist has turned a disability into an advantage.

Chances are you’ve thought about what it’d be like to lose a limb at one point or another. But, it’s not likely you’ve considered installing a functional limb that could help you with your job.

That’s what French tattooist JC Sheitan Tenet did, however. The artist lost his limb 22 years ago, but recently received the world’s first tattoo machine prosthesis.

It makes sense – the guy loves what he does. Plus, unlike some people who lose their limbs in accidents and give up their vocation, Tenet has employed modern technology to possibly make him even better at his craft.

Because Tenet is an activist in his own right – going against the norm and pushing the limits on acceptable modifications, we’re sharing the news of his unique prosthesis.


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