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Has Online Gambling Become More Addictive Than Land-Based Gambling?

The main purpose of gambling is to win money, though, in most cases the outcome is the contrary. More than often, gamblers lose all they’ve got just to feel the last excitement of playing.

With the Internet coming to the equation, people are worried that online gambling would cause much more problems than the traditional casino gambling. Everyone has access to the Internet, including the gamblers.

So the question is: having their phones in their hands all the time, will it cause a much horrifying end to the gamblers, making their addiction even worse?


What does research have to say about it?

This is what set out researchers in pursuit of the truth. Many university professors and students were able, thanks to the access to digital data, to observe carefully and see whether online gambling is as addictive as it sounds and looks.

After thorough investigation and researching, believe it or not, land-based casinos are still leading cause of gambling addiction.

It is the thrill and excitement to touch and feel the chips and dices that lures gamblers to stay longer in the game. The actual architectural design of the casino is more attractive to gamblers than the digital version of it.

In addition, researchers have found that, despite the predictions due to the exposure level, the situation with pathological gambling stays the same – ergo, the Internet has not worsened the situation.

On the contrary, people are getting tired of the numerous options, promotions, and bonuses and at the end of the day, lose their interest in a matter of days.


Why is that so?

Perhaps it all comes down to the physical presence in the casino, being there, feeling all the feels, watching people win or lose money is what makes gamblers stay for hours.

It is the relaxing setting, the candles, the music, people everywhere, the dings, the dongs, the odds of winning something… What’s the fun in watching flashing lights on a screen at home, when you don’t feel the heat that only the casino can make?

What’s the point of playing and winning or losing money if you have no one around to share that with? You cannot make real friends when playing virtual poker; no, those people stay just like that virtual, fictional.

The real fun is meeting new people, your-kind-of-people, those who understand you, those who you share your stories and experiences with.


How big of a part the psychological and social aspect have?

Although all this research is done on the subject, there’s still lack of evidence for the sociological and psychological aspect of the gamblers.

The real answer lies here: in the gambler’s brain. After all, it cannot be just a coincidence that so much evidence was collected that says online gambling is not becoming a bigger problem for the gambling addiction. There has to be an explanation why people lose interest in gambling online too quickly.

Maybe gamblers don’t want to stay alone for hours and want to share their happiness or sorrow with someone, and that’s why they find the traditional casino to be their one and only love.

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