Top Casino Themed Films

Film directors win praise for successfully depicting a range of different genres and themes on the big screen and the rise in popularity of gaming at online casinos such as Spin Palace has led to many of them choosing to depict films and scenes centered on casinos and gambling. This sort of scenario offers the potential for high risk, drama, tension and gangsters, making it ideal for producing iconic scenes and films. This article will take a look at the very best of these.

Casino Royale

This 2006 film that rebooted the James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig as 007 was a massive worldwide hit. Although the plot of the film does not make it a casino film as such – instead Bond has to take on Le Chiffre who is financing terrorist activity, while also falling in love with Vesper Lynd – it does feature a lengthy, pivotal scene that takes place at the Monte Carlo Casino. This scene sees Bond facing off against Le Chiffre in a very high stakes poker battle, knowing that if Le Chiffre wins, the money will go to terrorists. Craig, Mads Mikklesen and Eva Green are all excellent in this gripping scene.


Although it was not a big box office hit at the time, this 1998 Matt Damon film has become a cult classic – largely with fans of gambling. It centers on a former gambler who has to take part in a high stakes poker game after his best friend ends up in debt to loan sharks. Also starring John Malkovich as Russian mobster Teddy KGB, it is popular with card gaming enthusiasts because the actual gambling scenes are considered more realistic than in many other movies. That said, Teddy KGB’s biscuit-based ‘tell’ is ridiculous – if entertaining.

Ocean’s Eleven

This film from 2011 was a remake of a Rat Pack film from the 1960s, but surpassed the original in the eyes of most viewers. The star-studded cast included George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, and the story centered on Clooney’s Danny Ocean – who puts together a team of eleven to steal the money from three of Vegas’ biggest casinos at the same time. Not much of the action centers on actual gambling – although one of the funniest scenes with Bernie Mac as an angry blackjack dealer and saw him suggest the name of the game should be changed to ‘whitejack.’ It is stylish, hugely entertaining heist film.

News of a new Ocean’s Eleven spin-off, called Ocean’s Eight, was recently announced and may prove to be as good as the other films in this franchise.

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