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General Clark And Bush Secretary Reveal The Shocking Truth About The War On Terror

In this rare video, two high-ranking Bush Administration officials reveal the terrible truth about 9/11, Iraq, and all the other countries the West has invaded since then…

This video could help destroy any lingering illusions that the chaos currently engulfing the Middle East is just a tragic twist of fate. According to retired US Army General Wesley Clark and Former Bush Secretary-Treasurer Paul O’Neil, this endless ‘War on Terror’ was planned at least one year before 9/11– and possibly as far back as 1991.

In a buried 2004 60 minutes interview, O’ Neil reveals:

  • At George W Bush‘s first ever security council (which took place just ten days after his inauguration), getting rid of Saddam Hussein was top of the agenda. This means the Neo-cons were plotting to overthrow the Iraqi President eight months before 9/11.
  • No questions were asked about why Saddam was targeted. Instead, Bush told the council: “Just find me a way to do it.”
  • A possible occupation of Iraq was discussed in January and February of 2001.
  • Divvying up Iraq’s oil wealth was also discussed at this stage.

In the same video, Wesley Clark, speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California in 2007, details how just ten days after 9/11, a Pentagon officer confided that the Bush Administration intended to attack Iraq. When Clark asked why, his colleague responded: “We don’t know.”

Clark asked whether Saddam had been tied to the events of 9/11.

“No,” came the answer, “But we’re going to attack and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years.” Clark names them: Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and Iran. (the USA and their allies are or have been active in all of these countries except Lebanon and Iran, which Clark claims is the end goal).

The alleged plan is admittedly a few years behind schedule, and we’re not sure why Afghanistan is missing from the list, but the fact Clark accurately names the rest gives weight to his testimony. Clark says this is all part of the neo-con PNAC (Project for a New American Century), which aims to “Destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, make it under our control.” He claims this plan goes back as far as 1991.

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