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Everyone Claims Proof In Syria, Trump Overrules Sessions & Google Loses ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Case

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/13/18).

US officials are saying that they have biological samples from the area of the alleged attack, which have tested positive for chlorine and sarin-like agents. But as I said yesterday, this does not mean by default that Assad is guilty. Even if these supposed samples are true, simply pointing to evidence that an attack was carried out, or possibly just that it was made to look like one, does directly implicate Assad, other than the reflexive claims to say that, Assad has done this before so it must be him now. Especially when the US has already admitted that they have no evidence to support those claims from the past.

Russia is now saying definitely that this entire event was staged and directed by Britain, and that they have proof, and Russia is still maintaining that their officials who visited Douma found no traces of chemical substances. Russia is even openly accusing Boris Johnson of ‘distorting’ OPCW findings. And the more breaking news is that the US is saying is has proof Syria was behind this, yet as usual, not disclosing what that proof is. 


Britain is now brazenly rehashing the Skripal embarrassment, clearly trying to distort the issue at hand, saying that Russia was spying on the Skripals before the poisoning, for at least 5 years. Well you don’t say. They were former Russian spies turned MI6, a part they tend to leave out if the story, so of course they were being watched. If every person that turned up dead, that Britain or the US were spying on, was seen as a sign of guilt, they would both have quite a bit to answer for, and likely do. Yet this is just more common place occurrences being presented as something odd, something out of the ordinary, in order to manipulate the average individual who does not know any better. Every government is spying on just about everyone they can, especially who they feel may be important or potentially damaging. That is the way of our governments today.

Could Russia have carried out this poisoning? Sure. However, both general common sense, and the evidence we have to go on, clearly make them the least likely candidate, yet just as we are seeing in Syria, the UK and the US are simply reflexively calling them out despite a lack of evidence, and that reveals a lot, and no one should be okay with that.

And just as I said in yesterday’s show, even the very person I called out, Nikki Haley just said, matter-of-factly, that the “Assad government has used chemical weapons 50 times on its own people.” So ask yourself how she can continue to state that, while Mattis, Tillerson and many others have openly admitted that the US has no evidence to support that claim? Why does no one call her out?

While there is much more supporting the idea that this was a staged attack, we should not take any government at its word alone, until verifiable evidence can be produced one way or the other. And today, everyone seems to be throwing around words like “proof” and “evidence,” claiming they have the smoking gun. However, in that regard, Russia has shown its hand where others have not, claiming to have “irrefutable evidence” that the UK staged the entire event. Russia held a conference outlining what it feels is evidence to support its claims.

Conversely, France and the US are now similarly claiming to have “proof” that the Syrian government is behind the alleged attack, yet oddly fails to produce any such proof, and has not revealed or even suggested what that proof might be. As always, we need to be cautious and skeptical of all sides, especially while some admit to having no evidence, even while making accusations nonetheless and moving forward with military shows of force.


I would like to end today by reiterating what I said in the article from yesterday, as it is an important point to make:

As this event with Syria pushes forward, I urge caution and skepticism, in everything. There is a lot riding on this venture, and even more being carried out behind the scenes while we spend every waking moment waiting for the next chapter of what they have seemingly turned into some kind of macabre political reality show. Yet, is that not what American politics truly is today? Some next-generation interactive soap opera? American political theater is nothing if it’s not petty, drama-filled and rife with open-ended cliff hangers meant to keep you paying attention. It’s one big shell game of misdirection, and the American people are the mark.

Not to mention that this type of world-policing, even if based on actual chemical attacks, is exactly what Trump promised not to do, even speaking out against such actions before becoming President. Yet here we are, going through the same old rigmarole that we have seen played out countless times before; and always nothing to go on other than the promises of known lairs and no foreseeable benefit to the American people; and always, without fail, a horrible ending for those involved. America First indeed.

Breaking: US Openly Attacks Syria In Major Escalation

Please take the information discussed in the video below and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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