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Breaking: US Openly Attacks Syria In Major Escalation

So likely to the horror of any rationally minded and critically thinking Americans, the US, in a joint effort with the UK and France, is currently carrying out open airstrikes on Syrian territory. Now as there have been limited attacks carried out by Israel and even the United States in the past, this marks a major escalation that takes the world dangerously close to the type of war that has not been seen in decades. 

Watch Trump’s speech announcing the attack below:

As many have been covering for weeks, the US has admittedly had no evidence to justify its military action and accusations thus far, which I continue to point out is simply staggering considering what is at stake. Yet now, presumably based on recent findings that have not been disclosed to the American people, and despite Russians claiming to have evidence that there was no chemical attack at all, Trump has authorized what amounts to an illegal attack on a sovereign nation which is militarily backed by a world nuclear power. And as I pointed out in today’s episode of The Daily Wrap Up, they are claiming to have evidence that Chlorine gas was used, as if that by default means that Assad was responsible. The effort is to conflate the idea that showing proof of gas being used is the same as proof that Assad is guilty, and that is faulty logic at best, but I would guess they know that already.

The UN has denied resolutions to allow such attacks, which makes this illegal from an international standpoint, and Congress has not approved any such attack which makes this both unconstitutional and illegal from a US perspective, despite claims from the White House that such an attack is allowed under Article II of the Constitution. This is not defensive a measure by any stretch of the imagination, so by law, any such attack must be authorized by Congress unless in direct defense of the nation. Yet this allowance is being misrepresented and misused in order to carry out this open aggression on Syria, again, without any evidence to support the claims of chemical weapons use, and despite evidence to the contrary

Russia has stated that it will defend Syrian territory and take reciprocal action, and Syria has stated the same. So this could very well be the beginning of exactly the type of war I never thought we would see again, as Trump has stated that this will be a multi-wave effort, and that the attacks will not stop until ‘Assad stops using chemical weapons,’ despite that never being established to begin with.  

I will be following up in tomorrow’s show with all that has taken place, and will also be interviewing Eva Bartlett about her take on all of this and what is to come. In the meantime, I suggest watching either Syriana Analysis‘ or Nathan’s coverage of what is currently transpiring live, as opposed to watching any mainstream channel. Stay Vigilant.  


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  1. Don Trumpetto is Stark Raving Mad. Without US Congress and UK Parliamentary Approval: Trump and May Are War Criminals. Bush and his Poodle, Blair got Approval .Even if their People Demonstrated in the Millions against the Iraq War .

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