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Could Cannabis be the Answer to the Ebola Pandemic?

Epidemic: a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time

Pandemic: an epidemic of infectious disease that has spread through human populations across a large region; for instance multiple continents

This is no longer a distant problem. The shocking reality of this visceral and deadly disease, long ago crossed the ocean and is now being downplayed at an alarming rate. This “so-called” epidemic has spread through a total of 8 countries, with 9,763 contracted cases and a total of 4,853 deaths with a current case fatality rate of a shocking 71%. No matter how one chooses to read these numbers the outcome is the same: Pandemic. This country continues to act as if this problem is not serious, or at least not serious for Americans. With ten cases already contracted by American citizens, it is beginning to become clear that an outbreak of this magnitude, in any country, is every country’s problem.

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This topic feels like some sort of surreal blockbuster movie plot line or the beginning of a zombie novel that heralds the coming of the end. This is not that far from the truth. However, the American people should have absolute faith that this country has every ability to combat this impending disaster. What should upset many and more is the fact that the overall seriousness of the issue is being dramatically downplayed. Which in itself could cause this outbreak to surpass its current state and morph into a worldwide problem. With the extent of which this disease has spread, there should be no option that is left unstudied, including but not limited to, cannabis.

It is no surprise to many that cannabis is slowly rising as the answer to many medical ailments. There is now speculation that cannabis could be the key to a successful Ebola vaccination. In an issue of Science, an article by a panel of top Ebola researchers detailed findings that Ebola has genetically sequenced in scores of victims. The alarming fact that this virus mutates so quickly makes the possibility of creating a serum to treat all patients highly improbable. So there is a debate on whether cannabis, with its amazing antiretroviral properties, could be the best treatment.


Cannabis is known to be an effective treatment against diseases such as Lyme disease and is currently being researched as a natural substance to fight HIV. Studies show that Ebola kills by what is called a cytokine storm, which is a potentially fatal immune system reaction. Cannabis is now known to strengthen the immune system and is one of nature’s best antiretrovirals. Cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory which decreases the severity of the cytokine storm. With all of this possibility one would think that trials of this plant to treat Ebola would already be underway, however, the current Federal restrictions on the substance cause obvious roadblocks in the development of possibly groundbreaking new treatments.

“Cannabis is a genuine regulator of the immune system processes for those suffering from HIV. With cannabis revered for its ability to kill viruses, it only makes sense that the herb could prevent hemorrhaging and cell leaking, two of the deadliest factors associated with Ebola.” States Dr. David B. Allen, the medical director for Cannabis Sativa, Inc. for High Times

As Americans sit and watch this looming tornado of disaster draw near, they are told its only rain and not to worry. History has shown that the first action taken by leaders in the event of a situation that has gotten out of control, is to minimize panic. The insinuation isn’t that the United States has found itself in the midst of an absolute outbreak and are simply trying to hide the fact. Rather, that the American people are just now beginning to feel a situation that has gotten out of control in Africa. Actions are being taken and citizens can trust that their leaders have the tools to keep them safe. The question remains: will they use the right ones?

This article addresses cannabis and its potential relation to Ebola as a treatment or potential cure. For more information regarding the true nature of Ebola and what the pubic is not being told, please watch the video above. All facts are cited and confirmed at


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