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Don’t Believe The Media: School Shootings Are Not An Epidemic, They’re Decreasing

Media coverage following the school shooting at a Florida high school earlier this month appears to imply that these types of massacres are pervasive. As one New York Times headline put it, “A ‘Mass Shooting Generation’ Cries Out for Change.” “This is life for the children of the mass shooting generation,” the Times wrote. “They were born into a world reshaped by Read More…

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In One Year, Opiates Killed Ten Times as Many Americans as ALL Terror Attacks in Last 20 Years

Safety of the people and security of the nation should be priority number one for any leader who wishes to have a successful tenure in office, perhaps even multiple terms — and the President of the United States is no exception to this model. So, why, then, has a killer of tens of thousands each Read More…

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Cannabis vs. Opioid Addiction

The number one reason why people seek medical attention is pain. A differing number of pains notably slow down the quality of life for a lot of patients. Modern physicians are taught that medications which contain a considerable amount of opioids provide the best solution against pain, yet the most current research is now revealing that opiate-based Read More…

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16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won

Since at least Donald Trump’s election, our media have been in the grip of an astonishing, self-inflicted crisis. Despite Trump’s constant railing against the American press, there is no greater enemy of the American media than the American media. They did this to themselves. We are in the midst of an epidemic of fake news. Read More…

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Pharma Execs Arrested in Conspiracy to Create Opioid Addicts for Profit

Just under the radar of the American dream is a terrible crisis ruining families, destroying communities and killing people who are just too young to die. Overdoses from opioids, synthetic opioid drugs, and heroin have become a genuine epidemic, killing tens of thousands of Americans a year, swamping emergency emergency services and creating a booming economy Read More…

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Hillary Reemerges, Slams “Dangerous Epidemic” Of Fake News

Having disappeared from the public scene for almost a month (with the occasional backwood spotting thrown in for dramatic effect), today Hillary Clinton reemerged from a self-imposed social quarantine, and in a exquisitely choreographed Podesta special, addressed the nation from Capitol Hill. What was first and foremost on the mind of person who the “impartial” Read More…