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Derrick Broze Interview – Blockchain Technology Can Be Our Liberation Or Our Enslavement

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/8/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

20 Replies to “Derrick Broze Interview – Blockchain Technology Can Be Our Liberation Or Our Enslavement

  1. I hear everything you are saying. I have done my research on the topic. I have to conclude that Allison McDonnell is right. You are being used to build and normalize a system that needs you to bring on board the audience that would not follow except for their trust in you. Those systems are a distraction from the systems that needs to be built that need our time and numbers to be legit and commonplace. The hurt sheep herding people in the block chained prison will leave too little outside of it to mount an effect defense against it when they start claiming down just like YouTube is doing now.
    Haven’t you learnt your lesson. They courted, seduced you with a business model that after they became the only way, no alternatives you were kicked to the curb.
    We have to be honest about the war we are fighting here (the right to anonymity) and to truly understand who the enemy is and how they plan to conquer us, where and when. THERE CAN BE NO TECHNOCRACY IF THERE IS NOT A PREVALENCE OF TECHNOLOGY. We set there agenda back and delay their plans, force their deception in the open, if we fast technologically during there stated goals of when and where. We all need to put ourselves on a tech diet as our strategy.
    While I appreciate your show and all that you do time is of the essence, in that to build the alternatives to be waking up pepole needs a new model and format. Because no matter what you build on their system, after you have served the purpose of distraction from what needs building you will be demolished.
    The enemy is not only the government, it is corporations, foundations, associations, professions, education, institutions, municipalities, the military and the like last but most important self preservation. We are our own worst enemies acting in their systems, and that is the battle. Our humility levels the plain field. The Indeginous, the Lodites, the Amish, Natives and the like must become our strategy for a time, building the new normal.
    I am not antitechnology, their is just no way of wielding the tools created by technocrats to your benefit unless a skilled hacker and even they would be breaking some law based on the rights of patents or coruption. We need to find some hackers and build the alternatives leave blocked chained cell and cryptic currencies alone. IT IS A TRAP. The government doesn’t not have to be involved in what we build and most of all we know who built it. Let us forge our own hammer to build the kind of house only our hammer can build.

    1. I have been following this issue closely and considering producing a series to address it. Much comes up… I think there are vestiges of the left/right paradigm surfacing. Even those who seek to transcend this paradigm come with some ideological baggage. Those inclined towards the labor theory of value will discount currency markets as exploitative in nature, while those who believe value is subjective find meaning and importance in a free agora. You are correct in bringing up humanity’s relationship with technology. Considering how the elite control technological advancement through patent law and classified projects it is difficult to imagine how we could evolve with technology in a good way if society were free. Again, those who tend towards libertarianism are prone to imagine what could be given the freedom to evolve in a non-linear system, as opposed to others who perceive technology as it is used by the elites today as a mechanism for social control. Honestly, I think Allison is correct in many points. It appears highly likely that libertarians seeking a path out of the debt bast fiat currency system that has defined monopoly capitalism in the past may have been inadvertently tricked into funding the very technology that the elites are using to take technocracy to the next level. As Ryan and Christian observed, however, their use of crypto in the past has been a lifesaver during certain periods in terms of allowing the message of truth to continue. There is also some utility in using profits gained from crypto markets to finance anti-technocratic endeavors. Let us not forget the many martial arts that understand the importance of transmuting the enemy’s energy into a force that can be used for self-defense. Ultimately, all of us are working to fight the technocracy in a good way by following our hearts and using good intentions. As we all continue to grow in our understanding of the world around us, it seems to me that we must work to continue by fostering a spirit of unity. We will never succeed with the goal of creating a free society unless unified against the common enemy. This means having open and honest discourse without judgment of those who hold different opinions or understandings of some subjects than we do.

      1. Simple truths quickly clear any obfuscation to understanding which theory of value holds the most merit. One largely explains what is and the other is a rationalation of what is. Any real movement not rooted in coercion is going to have to unpack some hard truths about a more useful and accurate defintion of money. Coincidentally (???) none of the primary crypto’s offer anything in this regard, in fact they only reenforce deeply rooted absurdities of scarcity of a money thing. That said some elements of human nature may make any rational discussion on the topic a mute point –possibly this a key vector exploited by those who understand this.

    2. If it’s an accessibility issue it’s primarily a technological interface design issue. The software and process have be as easy or easier to use than regular mobile software with built-in currency conversion and all else.

  2. He says that for people who don’t like KYC there are alternatives but doesnt name a single one. I was introduced to BTC in 2014 but there is no way to buy it now (esp.if you live outside the 5-eyes) without KYC. I’ve followed recommendations to those places claiming zero KYC but once they’ve got you ‘registered’ ooops turns out they need more info ‘verification’. It’s more intrusive than a regular bank.

    1. No one in this interview was talking about Bitcoin. It was mentioned, but the point was made regarding cyrptocurreny, not Bitcoin alone. This simply makes our point about how this topic is abusing the ignorance of the average person regarding blockchain technology. As I repeatedly stated, and have repeatedly written about, there are obvious dangers, and this is being used against us, but one can acknowledge that while also seeing the ways it can help us fight back. Your very argument makes our point. It is easy to scare someone about something they don’t understand. And people who are sacred, are easily manipulated. Derrick is taking a very measured, objective stance on this. The others are being irrational (about genuine dangers, I hope that is clear) and painting a very broad multi-faceted topic with one brush. That has never ceased being an ignorant thing to do.

      1. Dear Ryan, You have read my other comments (all in your ‘moderation’….). Based on your statement above to other comments, please accept that we completely disagree on this and I propose to anyone to look MORE in depth into what Catherine Austin Fitts, Alison McDowell and even (for a clearly libertarian US position) Ron Paul is saying about THE LARGER PICTURE of crypto and the (sometimes very) detailed reasons they give. Also please understand that the critique is about the TONE of the presentation -and sadly your statement above- not the many OBVIOUS research results presented in the actual show that clearly UNMASK WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON AND THE PLAYERS DOING IT. An even more historic and broader analysis would be welcome. While showing the obvious results of quick internet research the tone in this show is hidden apologetic and shows the deep and longterm interest in crypto currency of a lot of (even independent political) bloggers and pod-/videocasters which mostly are tech oriented people. The conclusions are NOT UP TO DATE, not in synch with what’s being uncovered about technocracy, the great reset and agenda 20/30 and seems to show a lack of learning and gaining wisdom while taking every position possible (from pro to con crypto) that you call ‘measured’. To much personal interest seems to kill the essence and hides the latest VERY DARK developments surrounding anything digital. Especially fintech/crypto.

  3. No! The original intention of the original players was TO MAKE SHITLOADS OF MONEY via another PYRAMID system! Nothing digital has real value when the shit hits the fan! Just as gold and silver and the dollar.

    1. The dollar is BY FAR the most equitable of the bunch, assuming that matters, and not to suggest there are not some critiical and very egregious aspects to how it functions). Is there really any doubt why commodity money shills work so hard to demonize the dollar for the uninitiated. Yet in unending irony at the very core they are ultimately buying dollars from those very people.

      1. Precisely my thought for eons, Lucky Lui. I still don’t understand, for e.g., why someone would take dollars for gold or silver (or Crypto–or anything for that matter) if dollars suck so badly? I understand (to a degree) hedging, but the entire “plot” sort of reminds me of Dr. Seuss and the Star-Belly Sneetches–exploiting everyone at all angles all the time and getting paid by both sides on the sham (the satirical synthetic).

        All that said, big fan of Ryan and D Brose. Smart guys swinging the hammers of truth–thank you both…and please keep tuckin!

        Alright, I’m opening up another bottle of 4am vino…gonna nurse the confusion.

    2. All cloaked in supremely timely (post the biggest fraud in history at the time) new anti gov rhetoric and BS jargon like “deflationary money” and BS altruistic save the world slogans like “bank the umbanked”. But don’t anyone think for a second how the ” value” goes up or the grotesque inequities that are a feature not a bug of such systems. Funny how BS detectors fail the best of us when vested interests come into play.

  4. What you guys researched IS SO OBVIOUS. Why don’t you focus on the CREEPY THAT’S SO OBVIOUS and how the power elite (incl. CIA/DARPA & Co.) created crypto FROM THE START as a test of what’s to come!

  5. Focus on the obvious! Don’t apologize to have been there from the beginning! (The original duped early adaptors that facilitated – and still do – the development of the total digital control system to come)

  6. How naive would anyone have to be to believe that bitcoin (crypto) will ‘save the world’. Taxfree, stateless, uncontrollable money for everyone? The one FREE RIDE everyone has been hoping for during the last centuries of feudalism, totalitarianism, oligarchy and fake democracy????? I mean isn’t it obvious that if it already exists -as crypto currency does for over a decade- that IT’S JUST A TEST with tech invented BY THE POWER ELITE?? Didn’t you witness the global tax control systems (a growing network between states) to never let anyone get away tax free (except if power&money elite or other gangsters are involved) being developped for at least over half a century?

  7. The same way you still embed youtube videos to exploit their bandwidth, the key use of crypto is for digital transactions but not storage/banking, which long term has to be something else like various metals or some minted future non-fiat currency, you all know anyway. Silver made sense if you consider its use in technology though it’s all gone – people in the population or in 8 people groups could trade silver and BTC between each other just as you bought BTC off people. So we’d have to be the exchange ourselves like a distributed exchange like Derrick mentioned and in some countries it would become a black market fast and full of fake metals – hence the value of minting or low-cast verification solutions and the need for a trust system, but it’s not that necessary if you have small groups of trusted people doing the exchange between each other. I would promote each freedom cell as being an exchange. The other guys see crypto as the future but for us I see it as a bridge, others will disagree, but BTC was an experiment and the good ones like Monero I lost track. Overall blockchain takes tons of electricity and needs internet like Derrick kind of dismissed but this is a huge concern. There were alternatives like but it looks like someone derailed it. Totally agree with you guys on the other points.

  8. People are damning solutions based on their blueprints and core concepts. It makes absolutely no difference who developed it as long as you can audit the code and it’s well-written.

    If the CIA wants in your project enough to risk a use of a certain technology, they can bug any developer’s machine, for any project in the world, including all the package maintainers for our operating systems and everyone on github.

    That’s why you need open source and peer review: a lone isolated developer is the most vulnerable target. He could compile packages for everyone completely unaware his compiler or source was bugged.

    So in any possible case you need peer review and auditing, and you need licenses that go all the way to copyleft if you want it open:
    Meaning it matters not who the original authors were or even their intentions. The development process has to be solid and cover its origins.

    The linux world is full of examples: some of their tools were developed by the NSA. In theory they could contain a hole in the public version, or one of the developers on the open-source side could be a plant, but the competing software is clearly a less secure design, so this is the correct solution nonetheless as long as a few security guys can review it in the open. That said, other parts of the linux world have been taken over by giants so it’s only as good as the available skill to review what they introduce. Largely the problem is the lack of manpower available to review the code.

    But now you’re talking an entire financial system, you get fricking everyone to audit it. Think about it from an academic perspective: go for the strongest software design regardless of source, then make it yours.

    1. Smart, Old Yeller–in fact, I find most of y’all pretty sharp and full of critical and original thinking (I think).

      You mean Seven Samurai?

  9. An overlooked aspect of blockchain systems is they are ONLY useful when: 1) no trusted 3rd party intermediary is a desired feature of the system and 2) the thing being tracked is endogenous (originates from within) the system. That means for anything exogenous (like everything in the physical world) it requires trust of a third party which renders the application just about the stupidest option on the planet in such cases. In my critical view this is why it’s pretty tough to separate from the original use case ie systems like Bitcoin.

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