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If We Keep Cultivating The Party, The Others Will Join And Critical Mass Will Be Struck

When someone wants to create a large party, filled with tons of people, what do they usually do to manifest such an event?

There are several tactics one needs to employ, all of which are necessary for bringing this idea into fruition. First, you need to produce the party, meaning you need to create the event from scratch, because if there is no party in existence, then there is nothing for people to attend. Second, you need to advertise the party through a variety of channels, so that the word gets out that a party is happening, because if no one knows the party is going on, then the party is bound to fail. Lastly, you need to get the party rolling early, so that around peak hours, when the most guests are due to arrive, they are likely to stick around rather than look in, get bored, and leave. Accomplishing all three of these tasks should almost guarantee that the party goes down as a success.


Putting These Tactics Into Action

The pre-production and initial marketing of the party is quite possibly the most important part of the entire process. A plethora of planning should go in to the preparation and production of the event, so that the party is not only original and appealing to potential guests, but is equipped to take on the many challenges that are sure to arise. Production is where creativity and innovation really shine through, since all good parties usually stand out as extra ordinary or special compared to other parties that a person might have been to.

Supplementary to production, the marketing of the event is equally crucial to its success, since no good party can happen without a ton of people aware of its existence and wanting to attend. To accomplish this, many parties hire promoters, who are responsible for recruiting different networks of people to come partake in the festivities. Other larger events go as far as to hire sponsors and pay for advertising, but that is only applicable for those with the means and budgets to do so. Simply put, the more awareness there is about your party, the more likely it is that people will attend.

While those two stages are the backbone of any party, there is another very important point to cross that will make or break any party, and that will be what is referred to as the chasm. If you do not cross the chasm with enough support from the early partygoers, then the whole night could suffer the consequences and the party could flop. This is the same chasm point that all business’s face when trying to bring about a new innovation in society, a topic that will be explored more in-depth in a subsequent article. As one can see below, the chasm point is when the rate of change starts to grow exponentially, rather than a slow linear growth, catapulting the party to its maximal peak.


We have all been in one of those situations where we walk into a bar and then immediately walk out because the energy just isn’t connecting with what we were looking for, making the club feel “dead.” Party promoters understand this phenomenon, therefore they try especially hard to get the party flowing early, so that those who come to poke their head in the door with curiosity, want to then stay for a while. They understand that if no one is there and the vibes are low, then most people are going to either walk out or just stand around the party with low energy themselves. In essence, the production team is trying to create a certain frequency of energy that stimulates a fun atmosphere for the party, right around peak hours, in which most people will be coming in. If they don’t, they could lose most of their potential attendees to other parties.

To manifest this initial buildup of energy that can snowball and carry the vibes of the party all throughout the night, party organizers often offer cheap drinks and/or free cover to incentivize those interested to come early, as well as free entry for ladies, which is aimed at not only bringing women to the party, but attracting men who usually want to be around women. Some even go as far to bring in hired guns, which are basically eccentric and beautiful people who are paid to come to the party and get the energy flowing throughout the scene, rather than a bunch of isolated groups standing disconnected. If they can get the ambiance energized with life around peak hours, then usually the party will explode exponentially and the wave can be ridden deep into the night.

These early magicians are essential to the atmosphere because your average party-goer doesn’t want to be the person that stands out in the crowd and lets loose. Many people are simply too scared and uncomfortable to be the first person on the dance floor to just relax and enjoy themselves. This is the whole purpose of getting a crowd of eccentric people to the party early, as well as the tactic of getting the drinks flowing quickly, so people loosen up by the time peak hours hit. Once a small group of people start letting their guard down, the whole crowd is usually soon to follow.


You’re probably wondering why I am talking about starting a party when we have so many problems in the world that need to be addressed. However, the process of starting a party is actually a perfect analogy for starting the party of truth, which centers around waking up humanity to the many hidden and obfuscated truths it desperately needs to come to terms with. This is the whole purpose of the alternative media, and so building this into a successful party is of the utmost importance. So what can we learn from this analogy?

The Initial Infrastructure Has Been Laid

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the current truth movement started, because in reality there have been different truth movements all throughout humanity’s existence. However, it’s pretty clear to most who have been at this game for several years that since 9/11, roughly fifteen years ago, there has been a spike of acceleration in the adoption of people wanting and searching for truth. It seems that 9/11 shattered the illusionary trance of comfort that many were trapped within, causing a cascade of minds to start looking in a new direction for answers.. The question is why has this happened?


While 9/11 was crucial to the awakening of many people, there is little doubt that the Internet is probably the single greatest reason the movement for truth exists. Without this tool, it would be almost impossible to build a reservoir of knowledge this deep and diverse that is accessible to such a large portion of the world at virtually the click of a button. In fact, most the independent research for an alternate theory to 9/11 would not have been produced or seen without the aid of the Internet. It’s truly a wonderful piece of technology that was ironically built by DARPA, yet could very well change the world for the better. This makes keeping the Internet in the hands of the people extremely important.

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Because of this new tool called the Internet, there was now a communal spot for massive loads of data to be poured into, which eventually becomes refined and processed by billions of minds all over the world. Over time, certain truths start to stick out, which seem to paint an objective picture of reality that transcends the subjective beliefs of people and cultures. Unfortunately, these truths are not very pretty at the moment, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Because of the manpower of literally millions of people all over the world seeking out the truth, a large movement has surfaced around bringing these truths into the mainstream consciousness.


These people are really the visionaries who’ve seen past the illusion in which we are trapped today, and pictured a better world for us all to live in. This group of people consists of both the party creators, who took the time to create and publish the research, and the party promoters, who have done the equally valuable task of spreading this information as far and as wide as possible.

This party for truth would not be possible if it wasn’t for the content creators who have taken their precious free time to research and produce content for which others have used to quickly advance their own understandings. This is crucial because not everyone has the time or resources to research every single thread of information out there. The Last American Vagabond has the utmost respect for those early figures in the movement who stuck their head out there, sometimes even risking their own lives, to get the people the truth. What this has done is it has given cover and credibility to the thousands of independent media sources that have sprouted up in recent years who might not have done so if it wasn’t for the early researchers that paved the way. This has created a solid foundation for a new info-sphere of knowledge, which is ever-present in the alternative media today.


(Think what you want about David Icke, but it can’t be overlooked his impact on paving the way for what is the alternative media today)

However, the party we have today would also not be possible without the millions of people who have taken in this information, evaluated it, commented back on it, and spread it all over the globe. It’s the spreading and curating of content that makes the whole process succeed. They are party promoters or engines that get the party going, or in this case, get the conversations started. The more conversations that begin to take place around an idea, the more others will jump on board to see what’s there. It can’t be overstated how important each person is to this process. You do make a difference.


In reality, content creation and content curating are inseparable from each other if you want to be successful, because you can’t spread anything if there is nothing to spread, but you also can’t impact the collective consciousness unless your message reaches a lot of people. We need both.

Crossing The Chasm

Just like a party, the truth movement is now approaching a point of reckoning if you may, where it will either take off exponentially and go full-on mainstream, or it will perish and die out due to a lack of energetic force driving the cause. Just like the party, the energy must be flowing around peak hours, and right now, we are quickly approaching those hours, if not directly in it right now. The masses are beginning to line up and walk in the door, and if there is a plethora of people there already talking about these ideas, helping them process it, and taking these understandings further, then they are more than likely going to come in and join the party.

I know first hand that it can be incredibly challenging trying to bring people into the truth movement. It’s like talking to deaf ears, as many people simply don’t want to hear the truth or just can’t emotionally handle the truth. It wears on many truth tellers because everyday they have to rise above the low vibrations of those around them and try to spark this lifeless field of energy. Not only can it be hard talking to people blinded by propaganda, but one must also navigate a field of land mines consisting of numerous defense mechanisms, which manifest at the site of cognitive dissonance. Disarming these defense mechanisms is at the heart of white magic and manifesting truth in enough people to bring about tangible change.


However, there is almost no doubt in my mind that many of the seeds planted by all the visionaries, who saw and spread this message before it cool, are soon to harvest. We seem to be experiencing an interesting phenomenon where we will either break through the chasm and rise or we will not built up enough support and fall. The awakening of the population in shifting the needle of perception towards new horizons of truth for the collective consciousness, while at the same time, the powers that be are trying to erect a full-scale clamp down of the entire society.

This clamp down includes: a private corporation taking control over Internet domain, the destruction of free speech, and a technocratic grid that tracks everything in society, aka a matrix in every sense of the allegorical interpretation. The powers that be are also intentionally trying to divide the people through a variety of intricate webs, with the most dangerous method being a full out third world war. In essence, they seem to know that their power is slipping, so as a result there are clinging to it by ramping up their moves and actions to keep us divided, while they cultivate more power. They are fighting back, just as we would expect them to. However, we the people are also fighting back.

Now more than ever we need to ramp up the frequency of energy within the truth movement, so that those who start to peak their head in the door, want to join in and help it expand. We are at the chasm point, and if we can cross it with enough support, we can hit critical mass and bring about full-scale change. Each and every one of you reading this are the promoters and creators of this movement. Understand that we are starting to awaken the sleeping giant that is the human collective consciousness, and if we can hold strong and ramp it up a little more, we might just strike gold. It would be such a shame if we left the party just as it was about to take off.


Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

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