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Young Ahmed Arrested for Science

A 14-year-old freshman from MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas was arrested and led out in handcuffs for reportedly “making a fake bomb.” Ahmed Mohamed had proudly brought a homemade clock, that he constructed for a project, onto school grounds with the intention of showing his engineering teacher. Ahmed, who plans to go to M.I.T. Read More…

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At least 71 Refugee Bodies Found in Abandoned Truck in Austria

The immigration crisis in Europe continues to rise with the discovery of at least 71 bodies in an abandoned roadside truck along an Austrian highway. Investigators originally thought up to 50 refugees had died inside the vehicle, which had been parked on the shoulder of the busy road linking eastern Europe to France and Germany. Read More…

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Agnes Olech: From the Heart

“Honestly there’s really nothing without a heart beat that I couldn’t live without.” In this politically charged time in our nation’s history, many find it hard to stand back and see the blessings each and every American is simply born into. I’ll be the first to tell you that this country is far from perfect, Read More…