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Former Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for the Reclassification of Marijuana

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently told the world that he believes that the Federal government should end marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I substance (meaning no medical value and highly addictive) alongside heroin. When asked during a PBS interview on criminal justice reform if cannabis should be decriminalized, Holder replied, “I certainly think it Read More…

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Monsanto’s Chemicals Make Their Way Into 85% of Personal Hygiene Cotton Products

A new study at the University of La Plata in Argentina found that about 85% of cotton products such as gauze, cotton balls, feminine products like pads and tampons, baby wipes, etc. tested positive for glyphosate. Another even more staggering finding is that 62% of the tested products had traces of AMPA, an environmental metabolite Read More…

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Federal Judge Rules “There is No First Amendment Right to Film the Police”

In yet another constitutional setback for the United States, a Federal Judge ruled that citizens do not have the First Amendment right to record police in public. Unless of course one makes clear their intention of calling out the officer’s misconduct before filming. US District Judge Mark Kearney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who has been on Read More…

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The Culmination of Culinary Cannabis Creations

As American culture progresses, and digresses simultaneously, one issue has proven its resilience against that pesky Federal Government meddling in our affairs; and that issue is one of marijuana legalization. Despite the government’s best efforts to misinform, misguide and outright lie to the public, the slowly awakening American people have made their intentions known when discussing cannabis. Twenty-three Read More…

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Black Water Coming Out of Faucets in Texas – This Nation’s Man-Made Problem

Currently in Crystal City, Texas, residents are tuning on their faucets and bathtubs to find that only black water comes out. Authorities have brought in truckloads of fresh water and have responded relatively quickly when compared to many other such occurrences, where those is low-income areas have been faced with toxic water as their only means Read More…

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Jim Carrey Mocks The Ego-Driven System Forcing Us To Believe We’re Not Enough

Last week Jim Carrey accepted his second Golden Globe award. And in newly awakened Jim Carrey fashion, he made quite clear how he feels about the Western focus on the ego-driven system which drives the American economy; a system that excels at making the vast majority of Americans feel as if they are simply not enough, or Read More…