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Wake Up and Smell the Hypocrisy

A young girl was suspended for half of the 2014 school year due to some writings discovered inside her personal journal. Now despite the cannabis related topics that were the catalyst of the suspension, the fact that her personal journal was open to reproach by the school district should not sit well with those aware Read More…

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ISIS, the Syrian War and the Refugee Crisis: The Story Behind the Lies

Within the aftermath of the Paris attacks, many claims have been made, both unsubstantiated and confirmed, that have been circulating regarding the true nature of the attackers. This whirlwind of disinformation has made it quite difficult for the average American to decipher what is and isn’t reputable intel in regards to these terrible attacks. The Read More…

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The Cannabis Republic

“We live in a stage of politics, where legislators seem to regard the passage of laws as much more important than the result of their enforcement.” –  William Howard Taft Marijuana. The word at one point was spoken is hushed voices with ashamed faces; the country convinced of its evil properties and dangerous effects. Even Read More…

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Paris Attacks: At Least 153 Killed in Gunfire and Blasts, 200 Wounded

Over 100 dead in concert venue alone as France closes its borders for the first time since 1944. Below are the latest updates from multiple sources. [Latest developments, posted at 1:58 a.m. ET] from The Guardian • Eight attackers also died, police say, seven of them by detonating explosive suicide belts. • French President François Hollande, Read More…

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Tennessee Sheriff Pushes Cannabis Legalization to Save Daughter

There are many afflictions from which one can suffer at a young age, but none cause a parent to feel as helpless as West Syndrome. A child that suffers from, what is called Infantile Spasms (IS) or West Syndrome, is often developmentally delayed later in life and commonly develops autism if the ailment continues at a Read More…

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Marijuana Refugees

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Martin Luther King Jr. In every society, each citizen will eventually come to a crossroad in which a choice must be made. It is a choice that will not only define the society, but ultimately, define the individual. It is an age-old battle between right and wrong, Read More…