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Homeland Security Official Struggles to Answer Basic Questions on Visas and Security

The Department of Homeland Security displayed a level of incompetence that borders on apathy when discussing the topic of refugees and the Visa Wavier Program. In a time wrought with potential dangers from abroad, it would seem that the very institution intended to protect the nation from international threats, is quite simply, failing the American people. The Read More…

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New California Bill Allows for Preemptive Gun Seizure

Beginning January 1st, new gun-safety legislation goes into effect which will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapon for 21 days if a judge determines that there is a potential for violence. The bill is presented as a means of having an emergency “gun violence restraining order” to impose on a loved one should they Read More…

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I Helped Create ISIS: A First Hand Account of the Iraq War

Recently teleSUR released an article with a first hand account of the barbarism that took place during the Iraqi war. Told by Vincent Emanuele, who was stationed in Iraq with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 2003-2005, he pulls the veil from the horrors that were allowed to take place following the invasion of Iraq. He goes on to discuss how Read More…

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Hackers Link UK’s DWP to ISIS Twitter Accounts

Hacker Group VandaSec has revealed that the government was involved with the IP addresses used to recruit potential ISIS members. The UK states that their involvement with the users of the addresses was indirect, claiming that, “how their customers use this internet connection is beyond our control” yet this would seem a rather large deflection Read More…

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Secret US Military Presence Kicked Out of Libya

“What the military will say to a reporter and what is said behind closed doors are two very different things, especially when it comes to the U.S. military in Africa.” Investigative Reporter Nick Turse In an effort to secretly establish a special forces presence in Libya, earlier this week the United States government sent a Read More…

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Obama Tells Supreme Court to Ignore Lawsuit Against Colorado Marijuana

The Obama Administration recently advised the United States Supreme Court not to waste its time on a lawsuit brought about by both Nebraska and Oklahoma due to the states’ disdain for Colorado’s prospering cannabis industry. Both states are making claims that the legal trade of cannabis within Colorado state lines is causing an influx of Read More…