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US-Backed Coalition Violated International Law in Iraqi Killings: Amnesty

A new report from human rights group Amnesty International is harshly critical of the tactics used by Iraq forces and their allies (i.e. the US) in the invasion and occupation of the ISIS-held city of Mosul, saying they flagrantly violated international law and might amount to war crimes. The report centered on the massive civilian death toll Read More…

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The War Being Waged Against You And The Failure Of Mainstream Media

The Deep State controlled US (DSCUS) has been waging an intensified amount of thinly veiled wars of conquest since the passing of the Patriot Act, which was just the beginning. Since that time, what was once the United States, has become almost unrecognizable. The change has been so subtle that many have failed to notice the heading this Read More…

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Why Imperial Washington Should Cool it On North Korea

The threat of nuclear war has again sharply escalated owing to North Korea’s apparent successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), albeit one that traveled only 600 miles, not the 6,000 miles needed to reach California. Likewise, it was only a two-stage ICBM not the three-stages needed for extended range delivery. And there was Read More…

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Trump Administration Signals Intention to Begin Refilling Guantanamo Bay

Trump Administration officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, are suggesting that President Trump’s campaign promise to start refilling the detention center at Guantanamo Bay could begin soon, with Sessions praising it as a “very fine place” for detainees and insisting that there is no legal reason not to start sending new detainees there. Guantanamo Bay became synonymous with Read More…

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The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon Of Mass Destabilization In The Middle East

SYRIA (Analysis)– PART I Historical accounts of the Kurds have been a subject of mystery and perplexity for years, and have been seldom discussed by major Western media outlets until recently. Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the ongoing conflict in Syria, Kurds have been romanticized by mainstream media and U.S. politicians alike to justify a Western Read More…

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Russia Says ISIS Planning to Gas Syrian Civilians, Frame Assad, To Justify US Invasion

his week, Russia revealed that its intelligence data collected in Syria indicates ISIS is planning a false flag chemical attack to frame Assad. Moscow, Russia – On Thursday, during a weekly press briefing by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained that their intelligence has revealed active terrorist plots to stage chemical attacks in Syria in Read More…