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Before & After Photos Prove The US Is Funding A War On Human Rights In Syria

The images of Syria before and after the U.S. intervened with its “freedom and democracy” serve as reminder that it’s time to end the “War on Terror.” The United States’ intervention in Syria has been fueled by the notion that the U.S. must save the Syrian people from the oppressive government under Bashar al-Assad. As Read More…

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Pope Francis’ Dark Past As Agent of U.S.-Backed Argentine Military Junta

Murder, torture and “disappearances” were commonplace under the military dictatorship that gripped Argentina in the 1970s. Pope Francis, despite being hailed as a “progressive” figure today, was supportive of the Argentine junta, even aiding in some of the atrocities it carried out. BUENOS AIRES – Among the world’s most prominent figures, few have received such consistent Read More…

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The US Is Killing Syrians To Show Syria That Killing Syrians Is Bad

Earlier this week, the White House released a fresh warning that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was planning a chemical weapons attack and that he would pay a “heavy price” for doing so. The warning appeared to confuse a number of U.S. officials who had not been consulted before the warning was released. As CBS reported, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Read More…

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Israel Joins US In Protecting Al-Qaeda, Attacks Syrian Military For Fighting Terrorists

When Syria launched a counter-offensive against al-Qaeda militants in Golan Heights, it was met with airstrikes from Israel in response. When the Syrian military launched a counter-offensive in an attempt to respond to an attack from al-Qaeda militants in the Golan Heights, it was stopped by an airstrike from the Israeli Air Force—raising serious questions Read More…

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U.S. Military’s Anti-Terror Efforts In The Philippines Fueling Human Rights Violations

U.S. forces have teamed up with the Philippines’ military to combat terrorist groups in the country, ostensibly to bring about peace. But numerous human rights violations have sprung up in their wake and some believe that the U.S.’ ultimate goal may be to oust President Rodrigo Duterte. MARAWI– As United States special forces near their third Read More…

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Government Medicine: Court Declares Child Should Die Rather Than Receive Privately-Funded Health Care

In a government-controlled healthcare system, the state determines who can receive treatment and when. This has long been admitted. But, what is less often discussed is that once a patient finds himself within a state-run healthcare facility, the state may deny him treatment — even if privately funded.  This was recently illustrated when Charlie Gard, a small child Read More…