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Bogus Claims Of Iran Plan To Attack Washington DC Work To Justify War

US media is again uncritically citing reports of a supposed plan to attack the capital city of the United States. This story is being used to manufacture the consent of the US public in order to stay out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and continue attacking groups in Iraq and Syria.

A report from the Associated Press (AP), this Monday, cited unnamed US intelligence sources which had claimed that Iran was planning to attack Washington D.C., with the story now being used to justify the Biden administration’s lack of diplomacy and acts of war.

Two unidentified senior US Intelligence officials claimed to AP that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had discussed, in January, a plan to attack Fort McNair army post and to kill the Army’s Vice Chief of Staff Joseph M. Martin. Instead of verifying with named sources and/or officials, the report was written as if it was completely factual information that had been received.

The Hill, which later reported on the issue, had asked the National Security Agency (NSA) – which according to AP’s sources discovered the supposed threat – along with the Pentagon for a comment, but both declined to say anything.

The horrendous nature of the report is not that it quotes from unnamed sources, but that it presents the information from those sources as absolute fact. That information has now been transmitted throughout Western media and is used as anti-Iran propaganda.

Now, it is not without reason that the AP reports on such communications they might receive, however, what is without reason is not independently verifying it. The fact that no such independent verification was undergone, shows foul play and bad intent on behalf of editors who know better and chose to still go ahead with publication. The AP is a news agency which essentially distributes stories to much of the print and broadcast media, putting it in a position of power in terms of dictating what makes it into the headlines on a daily basis.

The timing of this release is also suspect, and the information could have been released by US intelligence at this time for multiple reasons. In the AP report itself, it is stated that the expansion of Fort McNair’s security perimeter to add a buffer zone of 250-500 feet of the Washington Channel was justified by these alleged threats. This expansion has been harshly criticized as it stops access to waterways and the threat of an attack from Iran may be used in order to justify this expansion from now on.

Domestically, it also works to try and justify the heavy presence of the National Guard in D.C. after several other claims of imminent attacks from the likes of QAnon supporters were used. 

Internationally it seems as if this report is being used to justify the anti-Iranian policies of the US Biden administration, when it comes to their involvement in foreign countries against forces allied with Iran.

Last month’s strikes against the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), authorized by Biden, striking targets in the East of Syria, were a sign that the US government was attempting to abandon the idea of re-entering the JCPOA/Iran Nuclear Deal. Those strikes were committed after the US media worked for a week to paint an attack in Erbil, Iraq, as having been carried out by Iranian-backed groups. The attack against US forces was in fact committed by the rogue Awliya Al-Dam group, which is not backed by Iran or the PMU, yet outlets like CNN claimed they were.

If the US public were to believe this recent unverified report, that Iran was considering an attack on a mainland US target, it would be much easier for the Biden administration to justify not ending its illegal sanctions against Iran. It will also be much more acceptable for Biden to authorize further strikes on Iranian aligned groups in both Iraq and Syria, escalating the wars they are illegally operating there.

Just as the US media worked to manufacture an excuse for Biden’s strikes for an entire week prior to the attack, aimed at heating up tensions with Tehran and using false information from unnamed intelligence sources to do so, it is likely we are again seeing a similar tactic with this latest report.

What the media’s complicity with the US government’s actions shows – both domestically and abroad – is a wing of government and corporations working on behalf of its bosses. This cannot be considered serious journalism, and since the lies told to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq are now transparent, it is shocking and very telling that the same alphabet soup of mainstream news outlets are seen as anything but employers of government/corporate spokesmen.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

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  1. OooooK…let me understand this…they have nuclear capability’s, but are dumb enough to attack the White house when it is “completely surrounded by our troops?”
    Well…I think they are our troops…I may be…Oh my!

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