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Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping

In the first few months of 2020, business tycoon and billionaire Bill Gates saw his popularity soar through the roof. According to YouGov, 58 percent of Americans polled about Gates had a positive opinion of him, he is equally liked by men and women, and both Boomers and Millennials adore him. Gates’ popularity might have increased due to a viral Netflix documentary about his life being released in late 2019. Combine that positive press with a wave of media interviews seeking the guidance of the man who “predicted” the next major pandemic, and voila – Bill Gates is a superhero here to save the planet from impending doom.

Of course, this rather cartoonish view ignores several incontrovertible facts, and a few strong theories regarding Gates’ true intentions. First, the facts. Bill Gates has used his immense wealth to garner influence and media time, spreading his message of fixing global health issues while he continues to make billions. Using the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to dole out grants and donations, Gates has created a web of organizations who owe their budget to the foundation or answer directly to Gates. By tracing the Foundation’s investments and Gates’ relationships we can see that nearly every person involved in the fight against COVID-19 is tied to Gates or his foundation by two degrees or less. This gives Bill Gates and his foundation an unchallenged influence over the response to the pandemic. Equally worrisome is Gates’ call for global lock down until the entire world has been vaccinated and given a digital certificate to prove immunity.

Now, the theories: when taking a careful listen to several speeches and statements made by Gates, it becomes clear that he has a penchant for discussing reducing population growth. Despite “fact checkers” claiming Gates’ words have been taken out of context, his words speak for themselves. He believes the population should be reduced or prevented from growing, and he believes this can be done with vaccines and healthcare.

As we attempt to peel back the layers of PR stunts and puff pieces fawning over Bill Gates, we hope to illustrate that the man being propped up on the global stage and sold to the people as their savior, is anything but. Despite the apparent growth in support for Bill Gates, there is also evidence on social media that people are beginning to question him and challenge the savior narrative. This is the first step in unraveling Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Manipulation.

The Global Influence of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In 1994, the story goes, Bill Gates asked his father, William Gates Sr., to help him “improve reproductive and child health” by founding and leading the William H. Gates Foundation. Gates Sr. agreed and by 2000, the Foundation was merged with the Gates Learning Foundation to become the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. According to the Foundation, Bill Gates has donated $36 billion of his personal wealth to the foundation. The Foundation is estimated to be valued at $46.8 billion.

For the last two decades the Foundation has invested in a range of controversial companies and projects while pursuing their goal of improving global health and access to vaccines and reproductive care. This has all been done as part of Gates’ plan to reshape his public image as that of a friendly and kind billionaire whose only aim is to help the world. The reality is much more suspect.

Let’s take, for example, the Netflix documentary mentioned above, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. Rather than being a genuine look at the life and personality of Gates, the documentary failed to acknowledge conflicts of interest which might portray the film – and Bill Gates – in a different light. In a recent explosive investigation examining the reach of Gates’ money, The Nation noted that, “in the first episode, director Davis Guggenheim underlines Gates’s expansive intellect by interviewing Bernie Noe, described as a friend of Gates.” Noe goes on to tell of Gates reading 150 pages an hour with 90 percent retention. However, The Nation reported, “Guggenheim doesn’t tell audiences that Noe is the principal of Lakeside School, a private institution to which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $80 million.” Coincidentally, this is the same school that the Gates’ children attend.

Of course, using the foundations wealth to influence media coverage is not new for Bill Gates. Although The Guardian claims editorial independence, their Global Development section is funded in part by The Gates Foundation. The foundation has also given more than $9 million to The Guardian, over $3 million to NBC Universal, over $4 million to French newspaper Le Monde, over $4.5 million to NPR, $1 million to Al-Jazeera, and $49 million to the BBC’s Media Action program. In light of these investments it’s easy to understand how Gates could quickly organize a speaking tour of his favorite media outlets.

Corporate media outlets are not the only beneficiaries of the Gates foundation. They have also invested in controversial technologies and companies, including Monsanto, geoengineering, 5G technology, and vaccines.

MintPress News recently reported on how the Gates Foundation helped highly controversial pharmaceutical and chemical giant Monsanto Corporation gain a stronger foothold in Africa.” MPN also notes that the foundation funded a, “flawed clinical trial of the HPV vaccine in India in 2009, where 23,000 impoverished girls aged 9-15 were exposed to potentially lethal drugs without even their parents’ consent, leading to seven deaths.”

In 2010, it was also reported that since 2007, Gates had given $4.5 million to study geoengineering methods for altering the stratosphere to reflect solar energy, techniques to filter carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, and brightening ocean clouds. Geoengineering is the deliberate mass scale manipulation of the weather for the stated purpose of reducing heating on the planet. The Guardian previously noted that Gates gives “an undisclosed sum” to geoengineering proponent and Harvard professor David Keith. Gates also owns majority stake in Keith’s geoengineering company, Carbon Engineering. Prominent geoengineering researcher Ken Caldeira says he receives $375,000 a year from Gates and works for Intellectual Ventures, a private geoengineering research company part-owned by Gates and run by Nathan Myhrvold, former head of technology at Microsoft.

The Foundation has also invested $10 million towards developing antennas which will accelerate the roll out of controversial 5th generation cellular technology, otherwise known as 5G.

The concerns around Bill Gates fortune and his use of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to influence pet projects is not the only worry expressed by critics of the foundation. The larger – and more immediate – is that unelected billionaires like Gates are using their fortunes to shape public policy using their philanthropic foundations. This method of investing billions of dollars in the form of tax-deductible charity donations to private companies is allowing Gates to shape policy and profit by holding stock in the same companies supported by the Gates Foundation.

A recent investigation by The Nation uncovered more than 19,000 charitable grants from the Gates Foundation in the last two decades. They also found $2 billion in these tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies. Companies receiving these donations include GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, IBM, and NBC Universal Media. The Nation noted that the Gates Foundation has given $250 million to media companies and “other groups to influence the news.”

The Nation found close to $250 million in charitable grants from the Gates Foundation to companies in which the foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds: Merck, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Vodafone, Sanofi, Ericsson, LG, Medtronic, Teva, and numerous start-ups.

You might see the previous statement and ask, “how can this be legal? Is it not a conflict of interest to hold stock in a company which you also give tax-free donations?” The simple fact is there are not rules or laws against doing exactly what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are doing. While some might argue that Bill Gates’ scheme is brilliant – donate your fortune by forming a foundation which can give tax-deductible donations to companies you partly own and reap profits while avoiding taxes – it is allowing him to hide his money in a myriad of ways. It has almost become impossible to track every donation, investment, or other partnership.

The Nation concluded, “it is difficult to ignore the occasions where their charitable activities seem to serve mainly private interests, including theirs—supporting the schools their children attend, the companies their foundation partly owns, and the special interest groups that defend wealthy Americans—while generating billions of dollars in tax savings.”

Other notable facts from the investigation include that the Gates Foundation’s “$50 billion endowment has generated $28.5 billion in investment income over the last five years” while only giving away $23.5 billion in charitable grants. Additionally, a 2007 LA Times investigation found that the organization was involved in subprime mortgage loans and for-profit hospitals which reportedly performed unneeded surgeries. The Gates Foundation is also reportedly invested in chocolate companies that use child labor.

It would be a mistake to see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as merely a vessel for a rich man to hide his money and reap immeasurable profits. No, the Foundation is “more than a collection of grants and projects” says Dr David McCoy, a public health doctor and researcher at University College London and an advisor to the People’s Health Movement. McCoy says the Foundation “operates through an interconnected network of organizations and individuals across academia and the NGO and business sectors” which allows Bill Gates to “leverage” influence” in a kind of “group think.”

In part 2 of this investigation we will sift through the myriad of connections between Bill Gates, his foundation, and the many players involved in the COVID-19 response. We will also attempt to answer the essential question: Is Bill Gates a force for good or a force for harm?

Read Part II here
Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze, a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond, is a journalist, author, public speaker, and activist. He is the co-host of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 Houston, as well as the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network & The Houston Free Thinkers.

27 Replies to “Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping

  1. Excellent work D. Broze. And, thanks again for leaving an abundance of supplemental citation and reference to the prime sources underlying your observations and discernment.

    1. Thank you for the in depth research! If everyone shares and one person reads and then shares, we can change the world!

    1. I tend to think it’s actually the exact opposite. Just the fact that his tax arrangements remain unchallenged by the government make it a servant of Gates’ unaccountable status as a US citizen.

    1. His ‘wife’ is a satanist, too. These are members of Karbala. (Their) Order our of Chaos. Up is down. Down is up. Women are men. Men must wear dresses. Look at every Hollywood film. Symbols are everywhere.

  2. Billy, you piece of Human Shit! Did your folks have any children that lived??? YOU surely don’t act like it!!! Enjoy the Billions, you won’t have them very long, they will be used against you and only a true FOOL would not recognize that !!! YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, only SICKENED by it. Some folks do not deserve power and authority, as it only weakens them and hurts others! You have been measured, and found lacking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have a hard time believing 58% of Americans approve of this demon. That makes me feel like yea people are waking up, not at the rate we need them to be. It should be more like 30% approve. I would feel much better with that number

  4. The Bible speaks of a false prophet who will influence people to take the mark of the Beast with the 2 lamb’s horns so that they can buy and sell but those that do will be condemned to Hell because this chip will destroy the relationship that is possible with God.

    The Beast with the lamb’s horns is ICANN (see logo for the lamb’s horns). ICANN joins all the computers together into one global beast and even has the motto “One world one internet”. This Beast we are told comes from the ground -> technology -> internet of things controlled by ICANN and without the upcoming mark you can not buy and sell.

    This false prophet’s software controls the digital world and he is the one pushing global passports and identities and in time force everybody to be marked(Brain chipped) and notice how he smiles while he leads people to their destruction. He has been busy getting third world countries onto digital commerce so that he can get them marked as well.

    1. Sorry, Gates is satans puppett but he is only the front man.
      the real danger is who is behind him and the other who back him

      The virus that changes human DNA is the main problem.

      But the idiot box has dumbed down so many and programmed them world over to be scared of the invisible and Unproven

  5. Why if he is so concerned about population control voluntarily give up his own life for the betterment of humanity?

    1. . . . lol, no kidding. I haven’t liked this guy from the get go. Read “Hard Drive” in 1993. The best thing to happen would have him removed. But I fear he is just one of the puppets the Puppet Masters control.

  6. Hi folks very interresting job, and the better seem to came as part 2 and 3 seem very good,

    fyi we have translated the part 1 and have archived 2 and 3 (as you seem to have been off line half a day, we never know hacker etc….)

    they also try to sunk article on Darpa/Bill Gates vaccine on my blog,

    so here the job :

    Le réseau d’influence et d’argent noir de Bill Gates – Partie 1 : Le façonnage du récit philanthropique (TLAV)

    I’ll hope other french blogger will re-publish the series of article,

    Anyway good job !


  7. do not accept bill gates vaccines. do not accept to be chipped because you will be doomed in eternity. You will no longer belong to God. This is where gates is leading humanity. God’s people will prevail.

  8. Gill Bates is a computer geek not a medical expert or even a doctor (unless you count him as a doctor of bull poop)
    For petes sake people this is a virus. Everyday on average we are fighting between 5 and 10 of these evolutionary pinch hitters, over a lifetime thousands if not tens of thousands.
    There are I believe 37 of these crown viruses. In any given flu season these are responsible for up to 40% of flu symptoms. Co morbidity is the nail in the coffin. Worldwide only a one percent death rate. Paraphrased from DrTenpenny”s and Dr Andrew Wakefield”s turned movie producer known for the documentary “Vaxxed” from their testimony given to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice 6th convening of the emergency pandemic discovery. see it for yourself on you tube

  9. Part One alone is superb at beginning to reveal the psychopathic shodow within Gates’ entire lifetime of influences.
    Thank you, Derrick, for your hard work.

  10. Bill Gates is the best argument to tax billionaires at 100% after one billion. Gates messianic ambitions contradict his real intent; he has accepted all of the offers of Satan when he tempted Christ. He belongs to “the ruler of this world.” We should be very afraid.

  11. Excellent article! Can’t wait for part 2!

    Btw, the links showing Gates donations to the various media groups are all broken. Would be great if you dudo update them. Thank you!

  12. Thank you for your work. Just to let you know, all the links citing funding to media corporations aren’t available any longer on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation webpage.

  13. OMG. Satanic and psychopathic! Since he doesn’t need more money it looks like he’s either up to good or no-good. How about good? Even if every venture he supports isn’t to total success, and even does some harm, that doesn’t tar his every action. Who of us with the best of intentions is always right….Population control: How many billion folks will be born into hopeless poverty?…. He funds, then contributes to companies. He finds start-ups that he thinks will help the world in some way. Then, rather than buying ownership control, which he clearly could, he contributes (Yeah, tax break) to their on-going development…..He contributes to media organizations. How many newspapers have folded in the last twenty years? How many of those that are left have been bought up one or two huge media conglomerates? The same with radio and TV stations. So he contributes (not buys) to media. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that those he supports offer a very different political (and moral?) perspective. Good for him.

  14. Hi Derrick, I loved the article. I’m in the process of making a film to expose Bill Gates’ hidden agenda and I will definitely be using much of your recent and giving you credit. I’m interested in finding out more about Gates’ ties to media and/or which media outlets he either owns or consistently donates money to.

    You mentioned several above, however the links are broken. Do you happen to know where I might be able to find the citations where you gathered this information?

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