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Cops Across the U.S. Now Issuing Ominous Threats of Civil War

With increasing frequency, law enforcement personnel – including prominent sheriffs, police chiefs, and other command-level officers – are overtly stating that they are at war with the public they supposedly serve. Few have been as candid as a self-identified police officer and combat veteran named Brandon Obie. “Alot [sic] of these thugs don’t realize that alot Read More…

Conspiracy Constitutional Rights Government Police State

Utah Man Dies in Police Custody – After Being Arrested for Unpaid Medical Bills

Tremonton, UT — Bear River, Utah resident Rex Iverson, 45, died in the Box Elder County Jail on January 23 after being incarcerated for his failure to pay an ambulance bill. A deputy arrested him on a $350 bench warrant issued by the justice court on December 29. He was found unresponsive in his cell by a detention Read More…

Constitutional Rights Domestic Policy Police State Top News

“They’re killing me!” Unbearable Body Cam Shows Police Suffocate Innocent & Cuffed Man to Death

Oakland, CA — That now-familiar refrain represents the last spoken words by 51-year-old Oakland resident Hernan Jaramillo, an emotionally troubled man as his breath and life were crushed out of him by several police officers who had responded to his sister’s 911 call about a suspected intruder. Jaramillo was not a suspect and was supposedly Read More…