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Government Mandated Human Genetic Modification In A Transhumanist Age

For the first time ever, human genetic modification will be carried out in Europe using the recently approved CRISPR gene editing technology. It will be used to try and treat beta thalassaemia, a debilitating blood disorder that lowers the body’s haemoglobin production. This red haemoglobin protein carries and delivers oxygen to the body’s tissues. That means, mainstream Read More…

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7 Things To Show That You Are Not Living In The “Land Of The Free”

Alternative media followers know that there are numerous citizens sleeping away with their eyes wide open, falsely believing they’re living in the ‘land of the free.’ They still think that their government ‘cares’ for them…. Taking the case of America as an example, many American citizens have no idea about the nature of their Washington, Read More…

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10 Monumentally False Claims Made By Conventional Medicine About Health

The grossly deceptive world we live in couldn’t be better exemplified than by conventional medicine. More and more people are expressing their distrust. They see right through conventional medicine’s crooked corporate greed-driven hidden ulterior motives. It starts with a deliberately narrow corporate-sponsored curriculum in medical schools. This essentially mechanistic, pharmaceutical drug-based approach to health takes Read More…

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14 Ways to Protect Yourself from the New World Order Agenda

The price of ignorance towards the NWO (New World Order) agenda could be very costly. Fall for any of its carefully cultivated illusions then you could end up broke, loosing property, become seriously ill or even end up dead. Desperate measures are indeed needed for desperate times. Big black totalitarian clouds loom on the horizon… Read More…

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9 Indisputable Truths About “Conspiracy Theorists”

The day the masses wake up and understand what the term “conspiracy theory” really means and recognize the truth about “conspiracy theorists,” who they are, what they stand for, the world ruling elite’s hold on humanity will be over. Their deceptive cover would have been blown wide open and indeed there will be consequences. So, Read More…