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Media Worried Too Many Americans Will Question Legitimacy Of 2016 Election

2016 is the year many, many Americans began to question whether or not our elections, and to a lesser extent, our democracy (insert “it’s a constitutional republic, big difference!” here) are rigged. As I’ve argued many times in the past year, there is plenty of evidence suggesting these skeptical Americans are, indeed, onto something with Read More…

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Don’t Throw Away Your Vote by Voting Trump OR Hillary

I see it all the time in my Facebook newsfeed when my politically active leftist friends make posts about why they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. The most common reaction from liberals is: “DO YOU WANT DONALD TRUMP TO WIN?!?!” The same can be said about my friends on the right, many of whom will be Read More…

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The New York Times Just Accidentally Proved U.S. Elections are Illegitimate

The New York Times published an interesting analysis Monday morning that showed only 9 percent of the country voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the primary elections. That figure counts all citizens of the U.S., including children and felons — neither of whom have the right to vote. When counting only eligible voters, Read More…

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What Everyone is Missing About Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech

Melania Trump’s RNC speech, which was partially plagiarized from a Michelle Obama speech, has become such a popular subject that #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes has turned into a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter. As you can see in the video below, several segments of Melania Trump’s speech were lifted directly from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech, but there’s one detail Read More…