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Is There More To The Ashton Kutcher Human Trafficking Story?

On February 15, 2017 Ashton Kutcher gave what appeared to be a heart-felt speech about the dangers of human sex trafficking and the urgent need for society to step up and do something to eradicate it. Many in both the mainstream media and independent media praised this speech as heroic and necessary, but the uneasy question here is whether or not it’s a legitimate cause to support? With a massive wave in exposure from the independent media when it comes to shining a light on the underworld of sex trafficking, one has to wonder whether the government is trying to cover up their crimes, rather than trying to prevent the crimes of others. With a plethora of other questionable data points to explore, people really need to take a step back from their emotions and examine this case with an open mind so they don’t fall down the same trick of deceit that society is often duped into believing.



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  1. Tim, I love your work, but your personal art behind you in videos is unnecessarily distractive from your message, possibly misleading, definitely unrelated. Just saying, you may want to rethink your background. Great info on Kutcher’s connections. Thanks.

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