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Media Too Busy Defending John McCain To Report the News That Actually Affects You

Right on schedule, the corporate media is in a tizzy over President Donald Trump’s failure to acknowledge the death of Senator John McCain, who passed away over the weekend after a battle with brain cancer. As CBS “reported”: “While the White House originally lowered the flag late Saturday evening, White House reporters, including CBS News’ Mark Knoller, noticed Read More…

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Frustrated in Syria, US Turns to Ukraine (Again) for its Next Russian Proxy War Gambit

With Ukraine rolling out a murderous ethnic cleansing campaign in its Donbass region on the Russian border, the Russian government has responded with restraint. The new provision of arms to Ukraine by the U.S. will likely change that — and start a proxy war more dangerous than Syria. KIEV, UKRAINE – Just weeks after announcing a plan Read More…

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Washington Post Writes Story Praising John McCain — There’s Just One Problem

(FAIR) — In a fawning editorial Saturday (7/22/17), pillar of the national security establishment Washington Post fell over itself to commend a John McCain that never existed, instead lavishing praise on a well-curated PR facsimile developed over decades. After praising McCain for issuing a “toughly worded criticism” on Twitter of Donald Trump for allegedly ending an entirely pointless, destructive and likely illegal CIA program supporting Read More…

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Is There More To The Ashton Kutcher Human Trafficking Story?

On February 15, 2017 Ashton Kutcher gave what appeared to be a heart-felt speech about the dangers of human sex trafficking and the urgent need for society to step up and do something to eradicate it. Many in both the mainstream media and independent media praised this speech as heroic and necessary, but the uneasy Read More…

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Terrorists Shoot Down Russian Planes With U.S. TOW Missiles After McCain Calls For It

In three and a half decades, the United States has come full circle in terms of its publicly stated strategy overseas. From the late 1970s when the U.S. armed the Mujihadeen “rebels” to draw in and fight the Soviets in Afghanistan to 2016 when the U.S. has given Syrian “rebels” (aka moderate terrorists) TOW missiles Read More…