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All You Need To Know About How To Use An Email Verifier

An email verifier is an online platform which helps identify and remove bad email addresses from an email list. Invalid and fake email addresses cause damage to your sending reputation if identified by Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers. An email verifier protects your reputation and boosts your email deliverability, meaning the number of people your emails are going to reach.

How does an email verifier work?

An email verifier uses a set of email verification tools and systems to check whether an email address is valid and safe to send to. Some email verifiers do not limit to basic services but use Artificial Intelligence and integrated algorithms for a foolproof checkup. Moreover, a good email verifier will include the below-mentioned features:

  • Identification of suspicious email formats.
  • Accurately assuring the status of each email domain.
  • Determining if the set email would surely deliver, soft-bounce or hard-bounce.
  • Reporting for old and inactive emails.

How can an email verifier benefit you?

  • ROI Increase: When you send emails to a lot of invalid email addresses, you are missing out on lots of selling opportunities. An email verifier will eliminate non-existent addresses from your list, along with spam traps, disposable, abuse and catch-all emails. This will allow you to send your blasts only to real people, who are interested in receiving your campaigns.
  • Segregating harmful emails: Your emails being sent to risky email addresses, like known complainers, sends the wrong message to your ESP. This might get your emails sent directly to the recipients’ spam folder which might decrease your reach and act as a setback for your business. Using an email verifier will resolve this problem and help you out. This, in turn, will increase your users’ engagement and might even bring in new customers.

What could be the drawbacks of an ill-managed email list?

  • Increased marketing costs.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Damaged Reputation.

To get your email list verified, you can either use:

  • A bulk email verifier: In this case, you submit your email list on the platform and it will clean it up for you. This will take a few minutes or hours, depending on its size.
  • An email verifier API: This is an easy-to-install software that you can set up on your website to prevent invalid email addresses registering on your mailing list.

An email verifier does not only help you remove invalid email addresses from your list, but can also add information about your subscribers, such as their name, gender and location. However, you need to remember that using an email verifier cannot be a one-time fix and you need to use it on a regular basis to ensure maximum results.

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