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All You Need To Know About How To Use An Email Verifier

An email verifier is an online platform which helps identify and remove bad email addresses from an email list. Invalid and fake email addresses cause damage to your sending reputation if identified by Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers. An email verifier protects your reputation and boosts your email deliverability, meaning the number of Read More…

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Sessions Will Recuse Himself Of Any Probe Into Hillary Clinton Or Her Foundation

As the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing continues, Trump’s nominee for attorney general said that he would recuse himself from any potential future investigations or probes involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while working as secretary of state, as well as any questions about her family’s philanthropic foundation. Responding to senator Chuck Grassley Read More…

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FBI Releases Full Report Into Hillary Clinton Email Probe – Key Excerpts

Just as we predicted on a sleepy Friday afternoon ahead of a long weekend, The FBI has released a detailed report on its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, as well as a summary of her interview with agents, providing, what The Washington Post says Read More…

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Breaking: State Department Reopening Clinton Email investigation

Hours following the Congressional hearing in regards to the decision not to charge presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the State Department announced they will be reopening the investigation of Clinton as well as her top aids.  In the recent hearing, the Congress grilled FBI director James Comey about Clinton’s testimony under oath, clearly believing Clinton to have perjured herself. Associated Press Read More…

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FBI Admits Clinton Broke Multiple Laws — Announced They Will NOT Indict Her 

On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced the results of their investigation into the Clinton email scandal. The results, while predictable, are nothing short of a kick in the teeth of Americans. After admitting Clinton broke several laws, Comey announced their decision not to charge her. “Although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters Read More…

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Official Inquiry Finds Hillary Broke Federal Rules with Email Use

A recent report from the State Department has found that Hilary Clinton clearly broke federal rules with her private email use by ignoring State Department guidance and leaving her information vulnerable. An official general review and inspection from the State Department revealed that her personal server was breached due to hacking attempts in 2011, something Read More…