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Aaron Maté Interview – The Broken Nature Of Our Political System & Anti-Establishment Suppression

Joining me today is Aaron Maté, host of the new show Push Back, here to discuss a problem that I feel we all recognize today, even if we don’t all agree on the nuance of it, and that’s the reality that our political structures are corrupted and infiltrated by parasites that seek only to bolster their own careers and the agendas of those funding their rise. I say political structures, plural, because this is not just a US problem, or a Canadian problem, this is world problem. Special interests, corporate influence, lobbying, superdelegates, super pacs, gerrymandering, and so much more, all keep the people at a manageable distance from actual change. And we see this most prominently with the suppression of candidates today.

We can see this playing out in real time with candidates like Tulsi Gabbard in the US, who is actively being suppressed and omitted from the political stage, despite the fact that she is one of the most popular candidates, simply because she holds views that are not allowed in mainstream politics, such as ending wars… any wars. And this is nothing new, the same thing happened to Ron Paul more than once.

Regardless of the many varied opinions one might have of either of them, the simple fact that they are not allowed the same time and access as the mainstream candidates, despite being more popular, reveals the illusion, and that you, we, the people, are no longer in control.

And the exact same scenario is playing out in Canada with Max Bernier (who I have mentioned before) to the point that they are acting as if Bernier does not exist, despite his new party having more support than some of the other main parties. This all comes back to simply holding ideas that have been deemed off-limits by the unseen ruing hand of the political establishment, even if those ideas have majority support.

All that being said, I have trouble today believing any politician will deliver on their promises, as very few ever do. I am of the stance that the system has been intentional broken to such a degree, that no matter who is elected, and how genuine they are, that it is designed to never change, as history makes clear. And the only way forward is a new system. But that does’t mean we should fail to get involved, only that we need to change the way in which we do so. Which is what I hope people like Gabbard and Bernier are actually striving to create.

Now Aaron recently had a great interview with Max Bernier, in which they discussed a wide range of topics, so Aaron has a unique insight into Bernier’s take on his political suppression, and the clear similarities to Tulsi Gabbard, that we discuss in the interview below.


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