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The Zika Virus and Mosquitoes: Origin Versus Outcome

The World Health Organization has declared Zika virus a global health emergency of international concern, which is only the fourth time in history such a declaration has been made. It’s projected that the virus could infect up to 4 million people this year, and scientists estimate as many as 1.5 million people could already be infected.

It can be a difficult task wading through all the many different claims surrounding this topic with the amount of misinformation circulating today. The sad but accepted fact is that the majority of the worst misinformation comes straight from the horse’s mouth: the US government. The population is left having to pick and choose which “truths” they are to believe. This creates a divided nation of those who no longer care, and those fighting to wake up everyone else. This can be seen in the newest fear tactic of the mainstream media: the ZIKA VIRUS.

This is not to imply that the virus itself is not real, rather that this situation was potentially manufactured to produce the following hysteria typically seen in this situation, and always further induced by the media. The intention being to misdirect the attention of the masses or use the produced fear to push some undisclosed agenda. Upon the rise of the theory associating the outbreaks with the release of GM mosquitoes, a unique and altogether revealing response was witnessed from the mainstream media that reinforced the validity of this theory. Yet, before one recoils with the indoctrinated aversion, that any theory outside-the-box produces for many, it is important to understand the origin of this newly discussed disease.

The virus was first created in 1947. Scientists placed a caged rhesus monkey in the Zika Forest, just near a field station associated with the East African Virus Research Institute in Entebbe, Uganda (an institute established in 1936 by the Rockefeller Foundation) that was being used to monitor for the presence of the yellow fever virus.

ZikaThe monkey developed a fever, and researchers isolated from its serum a transmissible agent that was first described as Zika virus in 1952. It was subsequently isolated from a human in Nigeria in 1954. The important aspect to take away from the virus’ history is that this virus, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, was engineered using the blood of the infected monkey to create an evolved version that could then be transmitted by humans, which is documented. It is then no coincidence that not two years following the virus being made into a transmissible agent, that the first isolation from a human was recorded.

Until very recently, Zika was a rare tropical disease associated with only mild symptoms. It is spread primarily by the mosquito Aedes africanus, which is the forest relative of Aedes aegypti, both of which can spread the virus. Due to this form of transmission the virus is called an “arbovirus,” in the same family as West Nile and dengue fever. However, the first documented case of sexual transmission of the disease was just recorded in Texas.

Until 2007 very few cases of Zika in humans were reported. The virus was known to cause mild symptoms of fever and rash, yet four out of five who became infected didn’t produce any symptoms at all. Then an outbreak occurred on Yap Island of Micronesia, infecting approximately 75 percent of the population. It was discovered there that Zika was linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing neurological condition.

Six years later, the virus appeared in French Polynesia and around 10,000 cases were reported. Scientists began sounding the alarm after the multiple outbreaks were discovered in the Pacific islands and south-east Asia.

Brazilian officials then announced that in the previous year they had experienced over 4,000 cases of infants born with microcephaly; a severe birth defect causing small heads and under-developed brains. Brazilian officials spoke out, believing that the defects were linked to Zika, and with this connection, the situation dramatically changed. From October 2015 to January 2016, there were almost 4,000 cases of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil. Before then, there were just 150 cases per year. According to the Washington Post, the nation has contracted over 1 million cases of Zika virus.

“A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth malformations and neurological syndromes … is strongly suspected. [These links] have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.

“WHO is deeply concerned about this rapidly evolving situation for 4 main reasons: the possible association of infection with birth malformations and neurological syndromes; the potential for further international spread given the wide geographical distribution of the mosquito vector; the lack of population immunity in newly affected areas; and the absence of vaccines, specific treatments, and rapid diagnostic tests […] 

“The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty.”

Following Brazil’s announcement, the virus had taken main stage and grabbed the attention of the world. The virus was recently found in 27 different countries, and there are reportedly at least 30 cases in the United States – all of them among people who traveled to high-risk regions. This disease in and of itself is cause for alarm at the rate it has been spreading. Yet what should be at the forefront of the discussion is where this disease originated from and the catalyst behind its explosive expansion.

ZikaThe theory garnering the most attention from the alternative and mainstream media alike, has been the link to the release of GMO mosquitos in either the exact location, or within a reasonable proximity of each outbreak. The idea of a GMO mosquito, as scary as that sounds, is a realistic endeavor that is currently being executed in multiple locations around the world; without the vote or input of any associated constituency. It all began with a company called Oxitec.

In an attempt to try to stop the spread of diseases such as yellow fever and dengue, scientists began to research ways to quell the mosquito population. Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, decided to create genetically modified male mosquitos that were created sterile, with shortened life expectancy, in order to curb the mosquito populations and prevent the diseases from spreading.

The male mosquitoes, named “Aedes aegypti OX513″ by Oxitec, would seek out female mosquitoes and mate with them, resulting in no offspring. However, multiple sources are claiming that female species had in fact been released as well, which would directly affect the population. It is important to make note of the fact that the “Aedes aegypti OX513A” is a modified version of the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito primarily associated with the spread of the Zika virus to begin with; a connection that should be hard to overlook.

Despite a public outcry in regards to the release of the untested genetically modified bugs on the population, the mosquitoes were first released in Southern Florida. The intention was to eliminate mosquitos spreading West Nile and dengue fever. They were then released in Brazil and Mexico purportedly for the same untested rationale. Directly following the release of the modified version of Aedes aegypti, the massive outbreak and associated microcephaly occurred in these regions. Again, hard to ignore the correlation. 

Oxitec is now planning on doubling down on this unilateral worldwide human experiment by continuing to release more of the GM mosquitos in the location hit the hardest, Brazil. The logic of releasing more mosquitos with the intention of combating the current Zika/mosquito problem is unsound at best. With even the possibility that the original release of the mosquitos is what created the problem in the first place, which any logical scientific mind can not yet count out, it is absurdly brash and negligent to do so.

Brazil has now allowed the government unfettered access to private property to “hunt” these mosquitoes. Piracicaba, Brazil, an area that was particularly hit hard by the virus, is where the next release will take place. Oxitec will use this location to further develop this experiment at the possible expense of the local health. According to Business Insider,

“Right now, Oxitec’s mosquitos are able to cover about 5,000 people in a district of the city, but the company plans to spread the mosquitos to cover the up-to-60,000-person urban center soon. Longer term, Oxitec said it’s going to be able to scale out the project to cover about 300,000 people.”

Not only has there been a journalistic explosion surrounding the theory that the release of GMO mosquitos was the origin of the Zika outbreak, but there has been an equally large response from mainstream media to actively combat this theory despite all the evidence to the contrary; which immediately raises some very large red flags. From Snopes and Huffington Post, to Business Insider, an abnormally large amount of mainstream media, which typically do not acknowledge such theories, have come out in force to essentially disprove an unsubstantiated discussion.

zikaThis topic began not long ago on a /r/conspiracy subreddit, and it has morphed into an international debate. This shows the impact the Reddit and Truth community are beginning to have on the mainstream, as well as the importance of the story itself. This was a simple posing of questions and theories based on factual information. The entire point of such a discussion is to open the topic up to investigation and possibly pose new questions to research. Yet the mainstream media took it upon itself to attempt to “Debunk” this line of thought. How does one debunk a posed question? Debunking is typically reserved for the answers and claims made as a result of questions offered.

When a story completely eclipses all else in the mainstream, that is typically a sign that actual news is happening somewhere else. This story has all the elements of just such a diversionary tactic, yet when the origin is brought into the discussion, it’s all “conspiracy theory talk” and “tinfoil hat” references. Yet despite their best efforts, the information is out, and the causality falls squarely at the feet of the virus’ creators and their malfeasance in such a creation.

The fact that such recognized media outlets have taken it upon themselves to “Debunk” a theory still in its infancy stage, says a lot about both these outlets, and the apprehension of those pulling their strings in regards to this hot topic. These publications are previously known for their ability to blatantly disregard such stories of worldly importance if the stories conflict with their corporate interests. Someone is obviously hitting a little too close to home. 

The link between the release of these GM mosquitoes and the corresponding outbreak is a strong one, but as of yet, not definitive. Regardless of how the virus is continuing to be spread, the origin of its creation and the simple fact that this disease was manufactured by man, is well-defined but intentionally omitted in the majority of coverage. This is a problem of our own making.

As this story evolves, so will the official narrative, so be sure to remember where it all began. The history of this country during similar past situations should make it clear to the public that in the event of a catastrophic event, the government has shown that they will intentionally and willfully misinform and misdirect the people…to help avoid panic of course.

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