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Why the Syrian Refugee Crisis Affects the Entire Planet – Including the U.S.

If it had not been previously clear enough, 2015 has certainly etched the gravity of America’s “War on Terror” into the global consciousness with growing concern and frustration towards the Refugee Crisis, largely of Syrians, but also consisting of any refugees from affiliated battlegrounds of the War on Terror. With Russia’s intervention in the Middle East, the Paris Attacks on Friday the 13th, and governments across the globe drawing their lines in the sand on this crisis, it is clear that this is just the beginning. However, in this field of propaganda, that is one of the few things that is clear on the matter. Are refugees an insurgence of Islamic jihadists or innocent civilians seeking refuge? At least one Syrian refugee who had recently entered Europe was among the seven terrorists who carried out the deadliest attacks in France since World War II, according to authorities. The easiest introduction here is to say that nothing is black and white like this—despite what the Mainstream Media preaches. Refugee sympathizers are often considered liberal democrats in postmodern America, and while this is a view that liberals indeed often hold, the ideas discussed here are completely separate from any agenda of the Liberal Democrat party, based on the grounds that the arguments in this article actually value human life.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration, Anne Richard, was recently interviewed by Ari Shapiro of NPR, who discussed matters such as John Kerry’s announcement to increase the annual refugee intake from 70,000 to 100,000 in the coming fiscal years, in order to help Europe cope with a refugee tidal wave that is catching their entire infrastructure off-guard. When asked as to why the U.S. has shirked so much responsibility in this Syrian refugee collateral of their post-9/11 war, Richard said,

“The last three years, we’ve brought 70,000 refugees each year, which makes up 70 percent of the world’s total. When you look at the Syrian crisis… Most will end up living in the places to which they’ve fled, the countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, to a certain extent, and Egypt. And so that is where we are providing a lot of assistance to help the countries that have done the right thing, opened their borders, taken in refugees, helped them to cope with having so many new residents in such a short period time.”

If anyone was going to give an accurate analysis of Washington’s official opinion of the Syrian and refugee crisis as a whole, it would be Anne Richard—so what this shows is that Washington’s official answer is to dodge the question as much as possible. When asked about the Syrian crisis, the Obama Administration points a finger to all the other refugees allowed within their borders and argues that they are already doing their part. Under different circumstances this could possibly work, but when a country is the chief instigator of the crisis, it shouldn’t even be considered that they could be excused from the cleanup. Granted, there are statistics that represent how floods of refugees can quickly weaken an economic infrastructure—yet this potential influx of refugees is directly proportionate to American apathy towards its country’s empirical War on Terror. The true nature of Causality reveals itself as it does with any energetic physical circumstance, and after all the senseless, classified, and propagandized violence towards Middle Eastern countries—and after pushing off the clean-up year after year in attempt to further perpetuate it—America is finally going to begin to see the effect of its cause.

Speaking of propaganda, it is important to play advocate to the Devil when criticizing him, and Conservative Republican Elitists (not to say they’re the only kind) have been working very hard to play on the fears of their citizens in response to the effects of the Refugee Crisis. Google searches of the current American flux of refugees brings up some of this propaganda quite quickly, the next baited hook being initiated over the weekend of Friday the 13th in New Orleans—where the next wave of Middle Eastern refugees are making their way into the country. One conservative news site article on the matter (from November 13th) reads, “that is concerning,” and continues to say that “it would appear most of the ‘refugees’ are economic jihadist males between the age of 18-45 years old.” The Last American Vagabond is not about bashing the work of other journalists, but this unfortunately helps illustrate a brief point. Upon looking into the references of this article, one finds the initially cited source of a local New Orleans news site, provided with a broadcasted news interview referenced in the local article. This article also quotes an interview with chief of FBI in New Orleans, Jim Bernazzani:

“If I was in charge of ISIL, logistically I’d take advantage of this situation and put my people in, into the United States. Now with that said, the FBI is on top of this big time with our Joint Terrorism Task Force and we have what’s called a Terrorist Screening Center that these individuals will be run through… It’s going to be the 18 to 45-year-old male for the most part. It’s a percentage game. It’s not fail-safe, but it’s a percentage game.”

Unfortunately, this is a classic example of sensationalism, where one distorts information as it’s passed along to conjure a desired effect, however inaccurate. The noted unnamed conservative website has distorted the information so vividly that it can’t even be considered journalism at this point—it’s propaganda served very simply. Unfortunately, these are the types of opinions that are steering the fear behind the refugee crisis. Of course letting a hundred thousand refugees through U.S. borders is not going to be the best thing for the country, but upon this line of thought one should quickly ask themselves how exactly this War on Terror has benefited anybody at all, ever.

At this point, the dice have been cast, and there doesn’t seem to be any philosophical capability to opt out of drastically ramping up U.S. refugee aid. A final interesting speculation on this matter is the question of America’s overwhelming Surveillance State. Citizens cling to their Freedom of Speech, Press, and Internet Capacity in light of continually encroaching unconstitutional surveillance. If this was brought on in order for the government to “keep the people safe from terrorists,” then why should there be any room for concern? With so many rights sacrificed by the American people for the advancement of their surveillance, shouldn’t the people at least be adequately protected and surveilled into safety?

Perhaps it is relevant to reiterate that this article is equally against the ideology of “Liberalism” as much as it is against “Conservatism,” and all parties for the centralization of government on any level for that matter. What is ultimately being condemned here is U.S. Foreign policy. It seems very easy to speculate that German chancellor Angela Merkel is being peer-pressured by  U.S. “Big Brother” to agree to such an overwhelming wave of a projected 800,000 refugees; the UK has already been receiving a fair amount of weight from all the dissimilated refugees it has had to deal with inside its borders. If this line of speculation holds any merit, it could be quite possible that America’s recent efforts to slowly bump up its refugee intake might simply be due to the fact that it’s running out of other places to pass the buck, and less to do with the fact that the responses of these other countries are “pressuring” America to shape up.

However, in regards to pressure on America about its lack of refugee aid, there is certainly a huge amount of it. Recently 10,000 Icelanders petitioned online insisting that their government allow refugees into their country, to which the Iceland government gave them a pittance of a 50-refugee-possibility—still not too shabby. Up in Canada, protesters rallied in Saskatoon, urging the Canadian government to aid the refugee crisis as well, and both China and Russia have effectively drawn their line in the sand between them and America, announcing that they will politely decline to participate in the cleanup of the War on Terror, and will be receiving no refugees. Consequentially, a report by “Think Progress” shows Russia’s recent engagement in Syria could increase refugee influx by 75%, according to Turkish officials. It seems that Russia is not only uninterested in helping the U.S. clean up its mess, but is also not allowing the U.S. to continue to dirty itself.

Regardless of any individual’s opinion on the philosophy behind this global refugee crisis, it has become an undeniably large problem that no one can seem to escape the ramifications of. With the Paris Attacks on Friday the 13th claimed by ISIS, many fear-mongering spokespeople (Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, to name one) are quick to equate this to the refugee surge in the local population, further proposing that it would be dangerous for the U.S. to do anything but condemn refugee aid.

Many in the alternative news community are already discussing the problems behind the main story reported, and conspiracy theory or not, many are calling this another False Flag Operation to further perpetuate the fear of terrorism with America and its citizens. As Russia now closes in on ISIS, perhaps the West’s only hope is for Putin to intervene and put the Obama Administration back in its place, so that the refugees can perhaps be returned to their homelands in the future to come. On a final note, while this article is pro-refugee aid, it is unquestionable that the aid of these refugees will be a massive strain on the Western geopolitical infrastructure–and some political analysts, like Gearoid Colmain (recently interviewed on the matter by RT International) are calling the global refugee crisis “coercive engineered migration.”

This suggests the possibility of the ruling Corporate Elite/Bilderberg/top-dogs-of-the-planet planning for the inevitability of the refugee crisis that their Military Industrial Complex would bring, and thus seeking to use this crisis for cultural destabilization–in order to cull the masses into a more desperate and dependent relationship with the state. While some might scoff at this as conspiracy theory, the idea of “engineered migration” for “destabilization” is nothing new in the realms of political philosophy or practice, and could be a very real definition to the problem at hand; just as well, it is simply a matter of record at this point that ISIS had indeed originally developed from NATO funding–and some whistle-blowers like Sibel Edmonds, who discusses NATO’s Project Gladio argue that this funding still goes on to this day. Far from conspiracy theory, NATO’s involvement with ISIS is undeniable, being even a heavily recurring theme in WikiLeaks reporting (tweet quoted from WikiLeaks on November 14th,

“#ParisAttacks are the sadly predictable result of funding, training & arming Sunni extremists in #Syria for years”

In any case, this crisis certainly increases the risk of terrorist insurgence, and further leaves the West stuffed to the brim with citizens while the Middle East becomes more and more of a barren war-zone. Is this what things will come to; the complete abandonment of any habitability in these countries? The Refugee Crisis is clearly only a crisis that can be solved by political reassessment, and while the United States has a moral obligation to aid these people in any way they can at this point, America’s deeper obligation is to restore the homeland that its Surveillance State has taken away from them, so that governments like Russia can perhaps actually eliminate the truly malignant terrorists, and pave way so that the world to help restore order for the Middle Eastern people.

Note From the Author:

I would like to end this article by delivering a message to a friend, wherever he currently may be. On April 10th of this year, I had the fortune of interviewing a kind-hearted and loving Iraqi refugee who went by the nickname, Sam the Assyrian. Working with the U.S. as an interpreter during the initial invasion of Iraq, Sam witnessed a series of events that put him into the U.S. Witness Protection program. He spent many years as a refugee in Syria, until receiving eligibility to move to America, where I met him and proceeded to interview him for The Last American Vagabond. Despite one interview, Sam and I met each other periodically for discussion of philosophy, politics, life, and Alaskan cannabis over the course of a month, until he came to me one day and said that this meeting would be the last day that we would meet—for the program was taking him elsewhere in North America to meet up with his grandmother, who had finally arrived through the Witness Protection program as well. To Sam the Assyrian, wherever you may be, keep fighting the good fight and never give up. I am rooting for you.


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