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VICE News Attempts to Paint COVID-19 Refugees as Lunatics

If the corporate media were to honestly tell this story, they would have to acknowledge that COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and firing of people for failing to follow the mandates, was the clearest display of authoritarianism seen by the modern world in a generation.

In early 2022, VICE News began reaching out to members of the Freedom/Truth/Anarchist community in Mexico. VICE News reporter Alice Hines, and her producer, Pieter, said they were interested in learning more about people coming to Mexico to avoid COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. In February, Alice, Pieter and crew attended the annual Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco to interview attendees to learn why people are flocking to Mexico.

I was in Acapulco at the same time for a separate, decentralized event called Agorapulco. Against the advice of most of my audience, I agreed to sit down with Alice and Pieter to share about my work with The Greater Reset, The Freedom Cell Network, and my land project, The Conscious Agora. I talked with Alice and Pieter for more than an hour about my activism, journalism, and my time in Mexico.

Of course, anyone who has paid attention to the types of drivel passed off as “journalism” at VICE News should expect VICE to butcher this important story. And, as expected, VICE showed their true colors by spending several days with the people of Anarchapulco and Agorapulco, acting friendly and enjoying the events, only to turn around and call the report “We Went To Anti-Vax Burning Man” and “Anti-Vaxxers Are Building Communes in Mexico”. When asked about the reason for the biased title, producer Pieter stated, “our social media team picks the titles – the piece is more than the headline!”.

The 14-minute report spends most of the time showing Alice making silly faces at the camera and sarcastically describing the events. VICE filmed for several days and chose to use footage of people attempting to bend spoons with their mind and a woman denying the Holocaust. These people hardly represent the whole of the larger movements, but they still have a place.

As with any event in a “movement” as diverse as the Freedom movement — which itself contains people from a number of communities, including crypto, spiritual/conscious, Anarchist, libertarian, Health Freedom, conservative, free speech advocates, etc. — there will be a diversity of opinions and beliefs. One need not embrace or agree with the opinions and views expressed within the VICE report to acknowledge the bodily autonomy and self-ownership of the people fleeing to Mexico.

In fact, this attempt at obfuscation by VICE is rather obvious. The “social media team” picked a silly, derogatory title to grab people’s attention, intentionally using an inflammatory word like “anti-vaxxers”. The so-called reporter displayed her biases front and center, and made comments designed to send the message to the viewer: These people are crazy. They are not normal. Do not think like or act like them.

Meanwhile, VICE News — and thus far, all corporate media — misses the big picture: people are flooding into Mexico from Canada, the United States, the UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, and many other countries, to get away from COVID-19 measures and incoming measures in support of The Great Reset/Technocratic agenda. Of course, I believe the corporate media is not ignorant to the story, but is choosing either to feign ignorance, or, in the case of VICE News, attempt to ridicule the people making the move.

These corporate hacks would rather their blind followers be presented with a caricature of this movement instead of the reality: a movement of people who can see what is on the horizon and are consciously choosing to quit their jobs, sell their homes, and rearrange their lives so their families may stay free and healthy into the coming years. These brave souls are moving from state to state within the United States or Europe, while others are moving from one country to another, perhaps from Canada to the U.S. or Mexico.

If the corporate media were to honestly tell this story they would have to acknowledge that COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and firing of people for failing to follow the mandates, was the clearest display of authoritarianism seen by the modern world in a generation. If Alice and Pieter and their cronies at VICE News took an honest look at the situation, and actually heard the stories of the families running away from forced quarantines and mandatory jabs, they might learn that we are witnessing a mass exodus of people to different parts of the world in search of liberty.

Of course, VICE is owned by HBO and has long since proven their willingness to promote narratives which serve the ruling class. One example that comes to mind is a VICE News “journalist” providing cover for the Finders Cult story (which I have reported on extensively) by dismissing the events as conspiracy theory. Of course, VICE News has also followed in lockstep with the mainstream narrative on COVID-19 over the last 2 years.

Since I fully expected something of this sort, I recorded the entire discussion with Alice and let her know I would be releasing it if VICE attempted to misrepresent my words. Sure enough, although they only used 2 minutes of the interview between Alice and myself, they did their best to stir controversy by focusing on my use of the term “underground railroad” to describe some of my efforts to help people move to Mexico.

The Counter-Economic Railroad, or the Modern Underground Railroad

In my two minute section of the report, I share with Alice about the goals of The Freedom Cell Network, namely, building localized groups which lay the foundation for a future parallel society that offers the people a way out of The Great Reset. The report features shots of me giving a workshop on Freedom Cells and sitting down to talk with Alice.

While sitting with Alice I describe the caravans I have been leading since September 2020, helping individuals and families interested in visiting or moving to Mexico. These caravans, what we refer to as Operation Underground Railroad, help people with the paperwork at the border, help them get to a safe destination, and get settled. Once they arrive it’s up to them to find a job and decide their long-term plans. We have successfully completed over a dozen of these caravans, bringing individuals and families from all over Canada and the U.S.

When I explained all this to Alice she said, “The word ‘underground railroad obviously has a historical context, and there’s a lot of language that viewers watching might find a little inappropriate.” She asked my thoughts on this apparent controversy. As I shared with her in my full answer (which VICE edited), the name Underground Railroad is absolutely chosen in relation to the original “underground railroad” that helped slaves escape to Canada and Mexico during the colonial era of America.

In my book How To Opt Out of The Technocratic State, I write about the importance of exiting the big cities and building in the rural areas to form free communities and homestead. I describe how this move out of the cities in pursuit of liberty and privacy could eventually lead to a network of free communities that could serve as safe havens for refugees of the Technocratic State.

This is what I call the “Counter-Economic Underground Railroad,” or simply the Underground Railroad. This Counter-Economic Underground Railroad is modeled after the original underground railroad of the American colonial era. In the late 1700s, former slaves, abolitionists, and sympathetic civilians formed a decentralized network of safe houses that allowed slaves to escape from bondage. Most of the freed slaves made their way north to Canada but there were also safe houses helping people escape south to Mexico. It has been estimated that as many as 1,000 slaves escaped per year between 1850 and 1860.

The Underground Railroad was inherently “counter-economic” — meaning it was an economic decision outside of the State’s mainstream economy — because under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 law enforcement in free states were required to help slaveholders recapture runaway slaves. Fortunately, many officials had the good sense to ignore the unjust law and help former slaves make their way to freedom. This was a conscious decision to violate the State’s demands and trade risk for a perceived benefit.

While some people might not think there is currently a need for such an underground railroad — we are not wearing chains, after all — it’s important to recognize that the people fleeing from COVID-1984 are refugees seeking freedom from greater tyranny. Historically, during tyrannical regimes a targeted minority group will survive by forming “sub-societies” within the mainstream one. These groups will often survive by creating new systems, especially as they are excluded from “traditional” ones.

In How To Opt Out of The Technocratic State I write:

“In the age of the Technocratic State those choosing to opt-out will be the minority groups surviving in hostile societies. The sub-societies we form could be the free communities which keep the flame of liberty burning into the future. Imagine the Freedom Cell Network expanding to both urban and rural environments around the world. Those who stay in the cities do what they can to combat the Technocracy and educate others of the dangers. Those who exit build communities which opt-out of various levels of invasive technology (based on their preferences) and also educate others about the benefits of unplugging. The two strategies work together to pull as many minds out of the technocratic matrix as possible.

As in the original Underground Railroad we will need sympathetic individuals within the hostile society who are willing to house and transport those seeking safety. We will need low-level employees of the State willing to take a bribe or simply turn a blind eye to the Counter-Economic Underground Railroad. We will need “white hat” hackers willing to create technological tools to combat the omnipresent eyes and ears of the smart grid. We will need individuals who leave behind comfort to develop the network of free communities that might soon house refugees of the Technocracy. Finally, we will need organizers who can help connect each of these individuals in as decentralized a manner as possible. I do not claim to know exactly how this Counter-Economic Underground Railroad will develop. The only thing I know is that it must develop as soon as possible.”

When I wrote these words in late 2019, I had no idea that COVID-19 was on the horizon and no awareness of how quickly something like a modern underground railroad would be necessary. While the point might have been lost on Alice and her VICE crew (and their blind followers), I stand by every word I have said and written regarding the need for such a project. The fact is that If we choose to sit by idly while the Technocratic State comes into view, then we are abandoning future generations of our human family.

I refuse to do so.

Listen to the full interview with VICE News: 

*Correction: The final paragraph incorrectly stated Derrick’s work was written in “2020” when instead it should said “2019”. It has been updated to reflect the correct year. 

Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze, a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond, is a journalist, author, public speaker, and activist. He is the co-host of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 Houston, as well as the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network & The Houston Free Thinkers.

11 Replies to “VICE News Attempts to Paint COVID-19 Refugees as Lunatics

  1. Those tools… clearly your message is a threat. That’ s got to be frustrating but
    take is as a compliment, and then turn around and do stories like this to out them.. bit by bit, little by little they being outed

  2. In the last paragraph it says “When I wrote these words in late 2020, I had no idea that COVID-19 was on the horizon…”

    I don’t know, but I think Derrick may have meant 2019.

  3. Who wouldn’t want to live in a society where you have to wear masks when out and about, take multiple vaccines, show a green pass when going to work and get tested regularly?

    It shouldn’t be hard to understand that people are leaving because they want to live a peaceful unrestricted life. Nothing more, nothing less, this Covid system is unbearable.

  4. Derrick, did you mean to say ‘When I wrote these words in late 2019?’ The whole COVID thing started in early 2020, so if you wrote those words in late 2020, that doesn’t make sense?

  5. What an ignorant presstitute she is.
    Yes, I watched Vice’s version on YoooTuuube and commented the same the same there.

  6. Being in the “Flat Earth “Community” since 2015, I’ve seen what MSM does with “fringe” ideas that go against “the system”. That’s exactly it: They make you look like “lunatics”. Twist, reverse, ad hominem, laugh, shame…you name it. No surprise here.

  7. Just so you guys know, it is very common in SE Asia for alternate media streams to buffer terribly while the YT, FB, etc classes work fine. It is pretty common to _need_ to download, and nice when an embedded player app has a download feature, or there is a link to the pure vid where something like youtube-dl can render out the vid more easily. It cannot in this case which is why I mention it.

  8. I’ve been a long time fan of Vice and I’m only now realizing how bias they are. This video made it obvious. I couldn’t comfortably watch it because of how much they are pushing an agenda. I want to be able to watch a report and decide for myself how I feel about the subject, not be told what to think.

    I’m glad to have found this article and the full interview. Thanks for sharing this Derrick.

  9. denying the holocaust that never happened….the one that anyone looking at the simple facts could figure out was b.s.

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