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US Drops 121 Bombs A Day, Israel Kills 4 Injures 618, Lockheed’s $1B “Defense” & Facebook Funds MSM

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It is no secret these days that the US is deeply involved in the affairs of many different governments overseas, and is involved militarily in many more. However, it would likely shock you to find out just how intense this military action truly is. For many, it is enough to write it all off as “fighting for democracy,” or some other such ambiguously unintelligible term that has no basis in reality. They resign to just put it out of their mind, accept the vague and deceptive claims, and let them carry on with their abrasive actions in the people’s name as they go on about their day. Well a great video segment by Lee Camp breaks down the exact number of bombs being dropped by the US in a given day around the world (in his typically macabre humorous fashion) and the numbers are almost hard to comprehend.

Before we get into those numbers, he began by pointing out that the Pentagon currently cannot account for $21 trillion, an amount they literally claim is simply “unaccounted for.” This is something we have pointed out on numerous occasions, and this is not even the first time such a claim has been made. The day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the US could not account for $2.3 trillion; a claim that was almost entirely forgotten due to the following day’s events.


The reason I bring this up yet again, is to point something out that I feel is truly relevant, and a point to which few seem to have made the connection. Currently the US National Debt also just so happens to be… $21 trillion.

Does anyone else find that to be an astounding coincidence? Well, coincidence, I think not. As many of you know I do not believe in them. Whether or not these two identically insurmountable numbers are indeed connected, one thing can certainly be ascertained. If the Pentagon, or rather the military industrial complex, was not allowed to run rampant like some screaming child with toys in both hands demanding the new toy in the window, and our supposed “representatives” actually held them accountable, instead of capitulating to every demand, the US would theoretically have zero debt, at least on paper.

Now, I have no doubt that even if that was the case, with the criminals currently in control, they would have simply found another way to misuse that money, and the debt would still remain, but I am simply making a point. This appears to expose a glaring example — inadvertently I imagine — of their endless borrowing and spending on military ventures and black budget projects that do absolutely nothing for the American people, and that our tax dollars, despite being about half of our household income or more, cannot not even entirely cover; hence the borrowing. One cannot ignore the obvious connection to the Pentagon’s “missing” $21 trillion, and the fact that the US just so happens to also be in debt for $21 trillion. 

That has to be a bit of an awakening to all those who just cannot understand how this country can be so far in debt: War. While it is endlessly profitable for the munitions corporations and the politicians being bought out and controlled by these companies, it is the very reason this country is not prospering as it should. They suck more and more from the average American and borrow more and more from over seas, and hang the burden on our shoulders and walk away, pockets brimming with “campaign contributions” heading for their seat that has been kept warm for them on the board of the very corporation they allowed to rob the country blind, as the cycle begins anew with another false representative in their place; and guess who funded the rise of the new “representative?”

Just imagine what could have been done with even a fraction of that money. As we have pointed out many times, it is widely acknowledged that it would only take $30 billion to end world hunger … to end it; and yet here we are unable to account for $ 21 trillion. That should truly add some perspective, and also serve to clearly demonstrate the obviously disingenuous claims of invading foreign countries “for the people.” To make that point abundantly clear, back to the original topic: military action overseas. 

Camp goes on to list off the amount of bombs dropped by past presidents, beginning with Bush. According government statistics (which I should point out likely means these numbers are even higher) George W. Bush’s military dropped 70,000 bombs on 5 different countries; that is 24 bombs per day, 8750 per year. As astounding as that number is, it only continues to get worse, as you doubt realized due to the title. Also remember that by the US’ own admission, they were not then, and are not now “officially” at war with any country.


Obama’s military dropped 100,000 bombs in 7 different countries, out bombing Bush by 30,000 bombs and 2 countries; and remember, this is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. They must have some new war crime prerequisites that are not disclosed to the public. Obama dropped 34 bombs per day, for a total of 12,500 per year. 

Trump however, is currently on track to blow them out of the water (pun intended). The primary reason for this leap to the front of the list is that Trump has given the military unilateral decision-making ability. They can literally make life and death decisions on a massive scale without Trump even being involved. That is truly frightening, and should explain why the US military seems to be speeding out of control like some new Tesla on autopilot. For those who doubt that claim, a perfect example is that of the MOAB in Afghanistan, where the bomb was dropped and Trump was only made aware after the fact — the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped on a country the US is not “officially” at war with and the Commander-in-Chief does not even have to sign off? Think about that. 

In Trump’s first year in office, he dropped 121 bombs per day, for an astounding 44,096 for the year. That is 5 bombs dropped per hour, of every hour, of every day – a bomb every 12 minutes

Shockingly enough, according to the CIA’s own documents, the people on the “Kill List” who were targeted for “death-by-drone” accounted for only 2% of the deaths caused by drone strike. Most of those killed by drone were innocent civilians, 98% in fact. How can this be okay? Point of fact, it is not okay, and the international community has said as much, and the US is even now being called out by Amnesty International for its war crimes in Raqqa. However, when you spend more on your military than the rest of the world combined, apparently the international norms simply do not apply; the human rights simply no longer factor in. 

Worse yet, according to Whitney Webb of Mint Press News, 80% of those killed in these drone strikes are never even identified, the CIA’s own documents show they do not know who they are killing, simply avoiding the issue of reporting civilian deaths by choosing to broadly deem all in a given area by default as “enemy combatants.”

With all of this, it is hopefully abundantly clear where this “unaccounted for” money is going, and it sure isn’t to help people; and in the time it took you to read this last section, another bomb was dropped on a country the US is not at war with, likely killing mostly innocent civilians. 

Please take the information discussed in the video below and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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