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Customs And Border Protection Clarifies: You Have No Rights While Traveling

The government is like a poorly trained dog. If you let one bad behavior go, it just escalates until they bite. The government has been searching electronics like cell phones and laptops at the border since early in the Bush administration. But because the 9/11 attacks were fresh, and because the practice was not widespread, Read More…

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Woman Prevents Cops From Entering Home With No Warrant, So They Break Her Leg

Instead of obtaining a warrant cops forced their way into a woman’s home causing her severe injury and putting the taxpayers on the line for millions. Santa Clara, CA — (TFTP) The taxpayers of Santa Clara will be shelling out a massive $6.7 million to settle a federal civil-rights lawsuit that was entirely preventable had Read More…

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Nurse Refuses To Break Law For Cop, Cop Brutally Arrests Nurse

Whipping like wildfire across the internet late Thursday evening is arguably one of the more shocking incidents of brute force displayed by law enforcement in the United States — indeed, a rare characterization, given American policing’s interminable list of killings, beatings, corruption, lies, and general misbehavior — because, this time, the subject of a bully Read More…

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Voice-Activated Smart Home Technology Used To Make Arrest In Assault Case

A new type of court case is slowly but demonstrably taking shape within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart home devices. In December of last year an Arkansas murder case made headlines not so much for the death itself, but how a suspect was brought into custody. James Bates hosted Read More…

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Starting Tomorrow, Feds Can Hack Millions of Devices with One Warrant

On Thursday, December 1, a vital Supreme Court order is set to go into effect that dramatically expands the surveillance power of federal agents. The impending alteration to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure softens the legal requirements for obtaining search and seizure warrants that grant the government remote access to individual’s Read More…

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Hidden Cameras Catch Cops in Illegal Smash and Grab Raid on Legal Pot Shop

The Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) is trying to pull a fast one after a lawsuit was filed against it for the illegal raid of a medical cannabis dispensary. Knowing they have little chance in state court to defend their actions, which were caught on hidden cameras, the CMPD is attempting to move the case to federal Read More…