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The Daily Wrap Up 1/8 – The Sharp Drop Of Cryptocurrency, The Government Attacks Behind It, And Why It Quickly Recovered

Over the last 24 hours, a lot has happened, as we now see every day. One story in today’s Daily Wrap Up that is of extreme interest to many, is the recent sharp drop in the cryptocurrency markets. This was due in large part to some very specific actions by governments across the world, and Read More…

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NYPD To Deploy Commando Equipped Police At Indoor And Outdoor Venues

And so it begins, my worst fears have been realized. Militarized US police have begun patrolling indoor and outdoor venues. Yesterday, an article in CBS New York warned that the NYPD plans to have commando equipped police or their Strategic Response Group (SRG) patrolling indoor and outdoor venues. The NYPD will be rolling out additional security around Madison Read More…

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5 Critical Stories Being Ignored While We All Watch Hollywood Implode

As the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal dominated the news cycle, there were several critical stories that slipped under the radar… (TFTP) The Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal dominated the news cycle this week, as over 20 women publicly accused the media mogul of sexual harassment and assault—a massive revelation. However, as a result of Read More…

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As Americans Mourn Vegas, Schools Across US Will Be Forced To Celebrate A Mass Murderer Today

As Americans mourn loved ones lost in the Las Vegas shooting, schools across the country as forced to celebrate a mass murderer’s false achievements. (TFTP) Just one week after the massacre that has been labeled the “deadliest shooting in modern U.S. History,” children in public schools across the country will be forced to celebrate the Read More…

Stephen Paddock
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Who Was Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock And What Was His Motive

While there are still relatively few details about the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in US history, or his motive to kill at least 50 people and injure over 400 people, here is what we know so far, courtesy of the Telegraph and other public data sources. The gunman behind this morning’s Las Vegas shooting, Read More…