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Hotels In Macau vs Vegas

You’ve decided you want to try your hand at casinos!


But where do you go? Vegas seems like the obvious choice for many, but CasinoSites tells the compelling story of the meteoric rise of a rather unlikely contender for the crown of casino capital of the world: Macau, the former Portuguese colony in Southern China. It has already surpassed the revenue of Vegas several times over and quickly expands into an even more attractive destination.

Still, before booking your flight, there are a few things to consider.

Budget: How much am I willing to lose at casinos?

Food: Will there be food to accommodate for my or my friend’s dietary restriction?

Accommodation: What type of hotel or hostel do I want to stay in? What are my options?

Out of all the ones listed, budget is important, but so is your accommodation. It’s where you’ll sleep after a long night of gambling or drinking. Remember, you want a place that is safe and will let you get sleep after a long, tiring day.

If you’re deciding between Macau and Vegas, I’ll summarize a few points between the two places regarding accommodation.


So what’s the difference between Macau and its western counterpart?

While there’s not a stark difference between the two, there are some subtle differences you might notice.

The Venetian Macau is huge and possibly a little intimidating when you first walk up to it. Although it boasts itself to be the second largest building in the world, it is not as elegant as its western counterpart in Vegas.

The Venetian and MGM hotels have the same purpose: attract large masses of people and accommodate wealthier gamblers.

If you visit the Wynn Macau, you can see the difference between Macau and Vegas. The Wynn Macau is clearly marketed towards the wealthy and serious gamblers. It’s more stylized and you would get a more personal approach compared to the Vegas version.

Wynn Macau has very good layout, making it easy to find your game of choice. It almost feels as if the casino was designed just for you – it’s that easy to find what you want.

Of course, Wynn offers food options that are just on another level of taste and sumptuousness. The cooks take a spin on common dishes such as dumplings or potstickers.

The rooms in the Encore hotels in Macau are designed differently to accommodate the tastes of the Chinese elite. Many of the rooms are designed with shades of red and gold to reflect it. The colors give off an exciting and playful mood. The colors and shades found in Wynn, on the other hand, were more friendly and inviting.

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