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An Online Backgammon Guide

If you were asked to name the best board games, you would maybe name a few and you will probably mention Backgammon as well. Backgammon is one of the famed board games. With the origin of online Backgammon, it has turn into even more trendy. Backgammon is the most renowned board game ever formed, but how many of us know how to play it well?

In the digital century, Backgammon can be played online on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet same as on a traditional board, but it tends to be quite interesting for novel players. Still, it’s not really as difficult to learn and play as it may sound or appear at first once you give it a try. You probably have noticed that even an operating system of your computer is set to run an online Backgammon game. You should check the default game programs in your computer and you will see that you have software that will automatically connect online and allow you to play with other players online.

You can play this game in several websites that provide an array of online casino games. Of course, you can find websites that are only committed to offering this game only.

In this guide, we’ll look at the history of Backgammon, the differences between playing online and offline, playing tricks as well as some key strategies to help get better your chances of coming out on top.


The History of Online Backgammon

The traditional game of Backgammon is supposed to date back thousands of years – even as far away as 3000 B.C. outdating chess, one more of the world’s most iconic board games. From an ancient time, Backgammon becomes the well-liked game all over Europe.

Backgammon ultimately came out as a hit in America, becoming massively trendy in the early 20th century. The internet’s expansion permitted designers to produce online Backgammon games, as well as software to analyze games for future suggestion. The first real-time play between online competitors started in 1992, with the First Internet Backgammon Server and an online Backgammon has persistent to turn out to be more widespread since. Nowadays, a range of websites offer the classic game to players from all over the world, catering the gaming needs of all experience and skill level players.

How is Online Backgammon Different to Offline Backgammon?

As with any game accessible both online and offline, different Backgammon players have their own preferences. Being able to get online and play a few of your favorite games is a main benefit of today’s technology, but it’s not for every person. The most important difference between online and offline Backgammon is convenience and simplicity: you have 24/7 access to online games, whether you want to play against another player or the software itself. This is perfect for players who work atypical shifts or who are short of equal players in their social circle. The social side of playing Backgammon is clearly exaggerated when going online. There is no need to sit face to face with your challenger and so are not capable to read their body language or movements. The pleasure of doing discussion might be maintained during online chat, but some people prefer face-to-face dealings and have a preference to play offline.

Another big difference between offline and online game? Online Backgammon tends to keep record of your pip count, whereas you need to do this yourself in offline games. While writing it down is one way out, other players may be prone to forgetting, disturbing the flow of the game. Online games will keep an eye on movements too, so against the law ones will be detected. In offline game, it does depend on the players to record the equality of their own choices which may lead to cheating or taking benefit of other players’ inexperience.


How Do You Play Online Backgammon?

Online Backgammon is played with two players, using one board, two dice and 15 checkers per player. The checkers are of two dissimilar colors, normally black and white.

The Backgammon board has 24 narrow triangles of alternating colors, and each triangle is called a point. The board has four fields also called grids or quadrants, is divided into 6 points each.

The top-right quadrant is the home board of the black checkers and bottom-right quadrant is the home board of the white checkers.

The aim of online Backgammon is to move the checkers anti-clockwise into your home board and ‘bearing off’ the board as quick as possible.

As we mentioned the game revolves around two players’ attempts to take out all of their own checkers from the board, before their opponent removes theirs. Players can block and hit each other’s checkers as play goes on, moving to further strategic play and careful consideration. Both sides of Backgammon board have 12 long triangles and are numbered 1 to 24. Usually, players will begin with 15 playing pieces arranged at particular parts of their board (three on the 8th, two on the 24th triangle and five on the 13th and 6th).

Players then start to place their checkers along the board after rolling the dice: they will move playing pieces based on the digit rolled, with players taking turns until their checkers are remove the board totally. If a player were to roll a 1 and a 4, they would need to move one playing piece four points ahead and another just one. Once all pieces are in a player’s own area, they can start to take away them based on the numbers they roll for instance, getting a 3 on a die would let you to take a checker from the 3rd position, a 5 from the 5th point etc.

In new online casino games, checkers move a bit faster than they do in offline games and the setup phase is much quicker (with complexity levels, checker colors and other options available for customization). Dice-rolling is normally done by clicking on virtual dice. Several variations of Backgammon are offered online, including Hyperhammon and Acey-deucey.

Online Backgammon Strategies

Here are a few strategies to help increase your chances of winning a game of online Backgammon!

  • Take gain of a higher pip count. When you find yourself succeeding in the game, break away from any blocking checkers as soon as you can. Similarly, if you’re after your opponent’s pip count, focus on creating your own home board as strong as it can be – you may well have time to initiate moving later on.
  • When it comes to taking away or removing pieces from the board, don’t waste rolls moving checkers when you can ‘bear off’ one instead. Concertrate on clearing your home board first!
  • As you get used to online Backgammon’s rules and regulations and game flow, try out with the doubling cube. This replaces the normal dice and is a bit bigger, featuring 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. You should read up on this first, but adding a doubling cube can make for more thrilling stakes and swiftness gameplay up.
  • Be alert when blocking your opponent’s playing pieces makes sure you aren’t leaving your own exposed. It can be extremely helpful when done with right strategy at the right time, but don’t let this make you satisfied either; use every chance you can to carry your checkers closer to bearing off.

Best Backgammon Tricks

As with most online casino games, there is element luck concerned in online Backgammon play. For example, you don’t have any control over how the dice are going to be rolled.

The key to winning when you play Backgammon online for money, is establishing the best way to move your checkers. Seems clear, but it can be amazingly tricky!

Memory also plays a big part in how good you end up doing at Backgammon online. You need to be able to memorize a few tactic concepts and reference positions if particular situations arise during the game.

Take joy in the mental motivation and increased attentiveness. Taking the time to think about tactic will turn you from an amateur to a successive winning player.

Play Backgammon Online For Money Today!

When you play Backgammon online for money, it is just as inspiring as playing in person. You can really sharpen your skills and tactic, or just play for the fun of it with other online Backgammon enthusiasts.

This is a more personalized game where you play one-on-one with other players and where your competitive vein is allowed to let loose. There is a great online gaming industry that shares your interest in the game.

It’s a cool and an exciting game which is constantly admired with good motive and countless sites allow you to play for free, in spite of how skilled you are. Give it a try and you may find out a complete new obsession. So sign up with one of your favorite and secure casinos, collect your bonus and win some money online today!

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