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Amazon’s Plan To Help Police Identify Citizens In Real-Time And Predict Crimes

Two days ago NPR revealed that the Orlando Police Department is using Amazon’s facial recognition to identify peoples’ faces. Earlier this year, the ACLU sent an FOI request to the police department asking for more information about Amazon Rekognition. The title the police gave to the ACLU’s FOI request is both telling and disturbing it is called, ‘Conserving Read More…

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Facebook’s New Suicide Detection A.I., Could Put Innocent People Behind Bars

Imagine police knocking on your door because you posted a ‘troubling comment’ on a social media website. Imagine a judge forcing you to be jailed, sorry I meant “hospitalized,” because a computer program found your comment(s) ‘troubling.’ You can stop imagining, this is really happening. A recent TechCrunch article warns that Facebook’s “Proactive Detection” artificial Read More…

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NYPD To Deploy Commando Equipped Police At Indoor And Outdoor Venues

And so it begins, my worst fears have been realized. Militarized US police have begun patrolling indoor and outdoor venues. Yesterday, an article in CBS New York warned that the NYPD plans to have commando equipped police or their Strategic Response Group (SRG) patrolling indoor and outdoor venues. The NYPD will be rolling out additional security around Madison Read More…

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University With Close Ties To DHS Claims, “ShotSpotter Saves Lives” – But It Also Does Something Else

The UCSF-East Bay in California, recently published a press release on the American College of Surgeons website. It’s titled ‘Automatic Acoustic Gunshot Sensor Technology May Benefit Shooting Victims.’ The press release, claims law enforcement can locate gunshot victims faster using ShotSpotter (SST).  “Our key finding was that the use of these acoustic gunshot sensors showed promise as a system that may benefit Read More…

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REAL ID Allows Police To Control “Fundamental Aspects Of Our Daily Lives”

Thanks to REAL ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone’s noses. According to the video below, Tennessee is ‘Spreading the Good Word’ that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone’s drivers license or identification card. A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee DMV suspended Read More…