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TLAV Political Roundtable: Post Election

Welcome to the first episode of TLAV Political Roundtable. In this show we will be breaking down the week’s politics, and discussing its implication on American life, and the world. We advocate that everyone take charge of their own political education and actively do their own research and investigation. The power to enact change is Read More…

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The Unacknowledged Political and Financial Influence Of The 49 Most Powerful Companies

Will we know who to guillotine when this stock and bond market bubble bomb goes off? The following is a recap from my recent post on an article by New Scientist about an intense in-depth study done by 3 PhD’s; Dr. Stefania Vitali, Dr. James B. Glattfelder, and Dr. Stefano Battiston all from the Swiss Read More…

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A Political Hypocrisy: A Deadly Game of Misdirection

The United States continues its unconstitutional and indiscriminate bombing of both combatants and average citizens, including women, children and the elderly, which has been responsible for untold non-combatant deaths. That amount is indeed untold, as the mainstream media only reports on the stories they have been given clearance to cover from those pulling the strings; T.H.E.Y. Read More…