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The Rising Revolution: YouTube, Google And The Independent Media

The year of 2017 has been a year of transition; be it for better or for worse, few can deny that things are certainly changing around us at an unprecedented rate. The road of the independent researcher and journalist has been a long one, and one riddled with manufactured roadblocks and deceitful hindrance. Yet, the Read More…

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Exposing Controlled Opposition And Alt Media Profiteering With Titus Frost And Lift The Veil

Welcome to another episode of “The Collaboration,” where we accept, listen and entertain any perspective that stems from a genuine desire to find truth. In this episode I am joined by Titus Frost and Nathan from “Lift The Veil.” The discussion is primarily in regard to the increasingly growing issue known as “controlled opposition,” which Read More…

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What Happened to Ben Swann After His Pizzagate Report?

Journalist Ben Swann, typically revered as one of the few mainstream(ish) media reporters who will actually legitimately report on controversial subjects, mysteriously went missing from his social media accounts after he did a real report on the Pizzagate scandal. While he stated that the evidence was circumstantial and there was no hard proof, Swann actually Read More…